Looking for Group

NA: Any platforms welcome!

Platform: Any
Clan Name: The Rebellion
Calling all players!
Hunter rank required: Any and all ranks, open to all willing to join
Expectations/Requirements: The Rebellion is looking for more clan mates spread across all consoles, it will be run by Me and my second in command and the expectation listed out are for all members to have fun, we will be looking for a group of 4 members to be the "carries" for all of the players below them, currently i'm working my way up to assist the carries. If you feel you have what it takes to achieve greatness then what are you waiting for hunters!
Extra info: Me and my buddies run a group that has been around for 8 years now. We have all the major games such as League of legends, Rocket League, Valorant, Overwatch ETC.. Sadly however games that are pure greatness such as MHW or any Monster Hunter game for that matter is falling by the waste side and i cannot bare to see that happen. I'm personally a big believer in gathering up all players and forming the golden age inside the group and having it be the biggest game out there and knock the major competitive games down a peg. True yes MHW and any MH game is PVE however, we can achieve world records and get names out there. Thats the true goal of The Rebellion is to achieve every possible world record that can be achieved in MHW or any MH game. If you have what it takes, the drive, the passion, and the endurance than message me either on here or on Discord at: Zeno#4219. I cannot wait and see where the New World takes you Hunters!

NA: Any platforms welcome!
Zeno334 Zeno334
LV.3 Lurker