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Aug 30, 2020, 10:05 PM 146 read

Coming up title update detail info

General   - Fatalis has been added. (Fatalis will be available after finishing the story of Iceborne and completing the Alatreon investigation) - Arch-tempered Velkhana has been added and will be available in a limited-time event quest.     Action   - Clutch Claw Boost skill added, allowing you to wound monsters easier     System   - Soul Stream III has been added to the First Wyverian Ritual at the Elder Melder. - You can now use rarity 9 decorations and higher as materials at the Elder Melder. - The following decorations can now be melded at the Elder Melder: Elementless Jewel 2, Shield Jewel 2, Sharp Jewel 2, Dragonseal Jewel 3, Mighty Bow Jewel 2, and Mind's Eye Jewel 2. - New BGM can now be played in your room in Seliana. - New designs for the Squad Card added. - New layered armor added. - New Pendants added. - Decor can now be obtained from the Steamworks' Overdrive bonus. - When add-on content that hasn't been purchased is available,the following menus will let you jump to various purchase pages: Gestures, Poses, Stickers, Change Appearance, Pendant Settings, Change the Handler's - Outfit, Room Customization, Music Player, and Figures.     Miscellaneous   - Some parts of previous title updates that had limited voice dialogue now feature fully voiced dialogue. - Extended the time that wounds are visible on monsters. - Increased the chances that high rarity decorations will appear from Carved and Sealed Feystones. - Increased the chances that Sealed Feystones will appear as part of the rewards for threat level 3 tempered master rank investigations. - The following charms have been added: Shaver Charm, Earplugs Charm V, Master's Charm V, Critical Charm III, Exploiter Charm III, and Handicraft Charm V. - The following decorations have been added: Diversion Jewel 3, Acrobat Jewel 3, and Shaver Jewel 3    

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