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[Tip] Don't use Dragon type weapon against Alatreon

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According to Hunter Note, it says Dragon type against Altreon is ★ when Alatreon activates Fire Active & Ice Active, ★★ when Alatreon activates Dragon Active.   But the truth is, Dragon type only deals 10% against Fire & Ice active and 70% against Dragon Active.   Due to this system, Dragon weapons having a hard time to reduce the power of Alatreon.   What I recommend is if Alatreon starts with Fire Active, get Ice weapon. When Alatreon activates Dragon Active, you must break his horn.   If Alatreon starts with Ice Active, get fire weapon and do the same process.   Dragon weapon is so terrible against Alatreon so do not believe Hunter Note.

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  • Crimson Cthulhu LV.7 Nomad Jul 18, 2020, 01:04 AM

    Thanks for this post! I’m just getting back into MHW after about six months and I’ve heard a lot about Alatreon.