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Having a hard time to hunt? Try Brachy LBG!

How’s your hunting?   Many strong monsters are awaiting after Barioth, and your hunting would get harder.   Some monsters who flies so often like Rathalos, Shrieking Legiana make us really annoying. Other monsters are also getting powerful and faster.   For hunters who are having a hard time against them, I recommend this weapon.  

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Brachydios Shot II.   LBG made by Brachydios materials. Supports Auto Reload Normal Ammo 1 & 2, Pierce Ammo 1, Spread Ammo 1, Poison Ammo 1, Rapid Fire Sticky Ammo 2.   Others are not important, but Sticky Ammo 2 is the key.   Only a few LBG supports Sticky Ammo Rapid Fire, and Brachydios Shot is the one that can be made in the earliest step in the game.   It upgrades from Barroth LBG. It doesn’t require that many materials, even no rare materials like a mantle.   You can collect all materials from Brachydios, only 3 Azure Rathalos Wings required to upgrade Brachydios Shot I to II. No needed to farm Brachydios Mantle, but you need to get 4 Brachydios Pounder+ so be sure to break both hands before you kill or capture it.   Brachydios Shot II supports many Ammo, but you’ll only need Sticky Ammo 2, Paralysis Ammo 1, and probably Poison Ammo 1. All you need to do is spam Sticky Ammo 2 on the monster’s head. You don’t even need to wound the body parts.   For Bowgun Customize, you can choose one of these 2 options.   1) Evade Reload x 3, Long Barrel 2) Reload Assist x 4   In the case of 1), Sticky Ammo range gets increased so you can spam it from more far distance, in a safe place. But you always press Space twice after you use 3 shots, and it will take so long to reload if Evade Reload was canceled due to monster’s roar, hit, or any reason.   In the case of 2), Sticky Ammo 2 reload level will be reduced to Normal. You can reload while walking so this is more comfortable compared to Evade Reload. It will be hard to use other Ammo, but it doesn’t matter because Brachydios Shot II doesn’t need other Ammo.   Of course, this LBG is not an almighty. Sticky Ammo and its material, Blastnut has so low capacity (9 for Sticky Ammo, 30 for Blastnut). Most of the monsters have more HP than Sticky Ammo’s total damage. You need to visit the camp at least once to refill your Ammo.   Also, Sticky Ammo has a huge recoil after Rapid Shot. You can’t move until the recoil reaction is done, expose yourself to the monster’s attack directly. So shot carefully when the monster is facing you.  

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About skills, you cannot get many skills at this time. I recommend you to get Artillery Lv.3, Ammo Up Lv.2 for basic skills, and 3 pieces of Nargacuga armor. It will give you Ammo Save, Evade Window, Peak Performance and etc which is very useful to LBG.

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