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Recommended Armor set in early Iceborne

Unlike weapons, you better to change all your armors immediately once you start MR quests.   MR monster's attacks are so strong, almost not capable of taking damage with High-Rank armors.   But of course, you cannot get strong MR armors in the early game.   For the players who start Iceborne for the first time on PC, I want to introduce the best armor set in the early-game.   Head: Jagras Helm α+ Chest: Jagras Mail α+ Arm: Kulu Vambraces β+ Waist: Hornetaur Coil β+ Leg: Hornetaur Greaves β+

Monster Hunter: General - Recommended Armor set in early Iceborne image 2

Don't mind Water Attack Lv.5. It's from my Charm.   With those armors, you'll have some skills above.   Monsters who drop materials are also easy. Great Jagras, Jagras, Kulu-Ya-Ku, Hornetaur and a few of Ores.   They are so easy to forge, grants you a lot of defense. This armor set will be very useful until you make Nargacuga or Glavenus armors.

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