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Jan 6, 2020, 11:14 PM 698 read

Recommended Fire-type Bow in Iceborne

The bow is always hard for what to choose.   Before Safi'Jiva joins Iceborne in PC, we need to choose one of the Smith Bow.   Probably the most controversial Bow is Fire-type.   In MHW, Anja Arch III was the most popular Fire-type Bow. But in Iceborne, High-Damage & Minus Affinity weapons like Anjanath or Deviljho's are usually so bad.

Monster Hunter: General - Recommended Fire-type Bow in Iceborne image 2

Their Damage is not much increased, to get 100% Affinity is harder in Iceborne so these weapons are getting unpopular. Gladly, we'll have Glavenus Bow instead.   It has less Attack & Fire Elemental Damage compare to Anjanath Bow, doesn't have minus Affinity and can be stronger with Augment Equipment.   We have another option, Rathalos Bow but it has Rare 12 which is the worst rarity in early Iceborne. I don't recommend to forge this, but strongly recommend Glavenus Bow.  

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