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[Tips] Forge these weapons for Iceborne!

1. Great Sword

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After Iceborne release, the most strongest GS is Acidic Glavenus weapon. It has extremely short sharpness but has the strongest damage. Before DLC Monsters join the game, Acidic Glavenus GS will be the most popular GS.   To forge this weapon, you need to make Barroth Tree GS first. We don't usually hunt Barroth that often so visit him to get the materials before Iceborne.   This GS is not for Crit Draw, so if you want to try Crit Draw GS, better to forge Velkhana GS or something.     2. LongSword

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Gold Rathian LS is the most universal LS in Iceborne. It has high damage, 20% Affinity, long sharpness and inflicts poison.   This weapon starts from Iron Ore tree > Kulu-Ya-Ku tree > Rathian tree. Hunt Rathians & Pink Rathians to prepare this weapon tree.   To face Gold Rathian in Iceborne, you need to reach Guiding Wasteland Lv.6, or reach MR 125 or higher. This is really really late-game of Iceborne so need to be patient.     3. Hammer

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Luckily, Hammer in Iceborne is very easy to get. Kulu-Ya-Ku Hammer has high damage & 25% Affinity, it perfectly fits for the early-game, and it can be used until the endgame. It has no purple sharpness, but it also means that we don’t need to get Handicraft skills for it.   Since this weapon is rare 10, we can also apply Augment Equipment very fast. If you don’t want to change your weapons often, then Kulu-Ya-Ku Hammer is the perfect answer.     4. LBG

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The biggest difference of LBG between MHW and Iceborne is, Rapid Fire of Sticky Ammo is available in Iceborne. Sticky Ammo ignores the monster’s defense and inflicts stun to their heads. But in MHW, Rapid Fire doesn’t apply to Sticky Ammo and it has so huge recoil & reload.   Luckily, in Iceborne, a few LBG has Sticky Ammo Rapid Fire. Deviljho LBG is the most powerful Sticky Ammo LBG. It has the strongest damage but has -25% Affinity. But the Sticky Ammo does not affect by Affinity.   Deviljho LBG fires 2 of Sticky Ammo 2 as Rapid Fire so spam it to the monster’s head to slay them.   To forge this LBG, of course you need to get Deviljho materials, especially Deviljho Tallfang. This is usually out of stock in your box so check the quantity and visit Deviljho.     5. HBG

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I think everyone knows Taroth Assault Glutton, the strongest weapon of all in MHW. But it cannot be forged from the smith, only be obtained by Kulve Taroth.   In Iceborne, we don’t need to be suffered by RNG to get Taroth Assault Glutton, because we have Zinogre HBG, Loyal Thunder. It has almost the same Ammo support as Taroth Assault Glutton, but we can forge in from the smith.   To forge this HBG, we need to get Tzitzi-Ya-Ku HBG first. We barely hunt Tzitzi-Ya-Ku so would have not enough his materials. Kill the cameraman to prepare the strongest HBG!

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