April 19th Content Update

Hunters !

April 19th marks the end of the Spring Blossom Festival, but it also introduces some new content !


A new Elder Dragon appears, and his name is Kulve Taroth ! He protects himself with a shiny coat of metal.


The Kulve Taroth swells in a new area that we will be able to explore : the caverns of El Dorado, a peculiar network of caverns.


Vanquish this new beast, and get access to the new armor set based on the Elder Dragon.

In addition to that, the Relic weapons are making a return.

Those weapons will be rewards for repelling Kulve Taroth, but the stats and type will be entirely up to fate, thus introducing a new grind in the game.


The Kulve Taroth will be playable in the new Siege type of quest.

This brand new quest type will require the efforts of up to 16 hunters (a full Gathering Hub). The players will be divided in teams of 4, and hunt the same Kulve Taroth in order to repel it during the Siege.

In order to facilitate the process of gathering 16 hunters, the game will feature special lobbies dedicated to the siege of Kulve Taroth.

This is a LIMITED TIME EVENT, which means it will go away eventually (we don’t have info as to when it’s going to come back yet), so don’t miss this opportunity !

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Monster Hunter World

MH Lounge Guidelines

Welcome to all hunters !

This post will provide the general rules applied in the MH lounge.

We expect each and every user to abide by those rules, in order to make this lounge a good place to engage with the community, and share our passion for this game and franchise !

If you have any questions or concern, please feel free to contact me, I'll be glad to answer you.


Use of common, milder profanity is tolerated.
Incessant, degrading, racist, vulgar or repetitious use of profanity as a whole, including profanities to insult will not be tolerated and will be deleted without warning, following a warning or a ban.


The MH lounge is community-based. Therefore, any form of advertisement to check out your channel or to get new subscribers and followers will be deleted without warning.

You can however share a clip via an attachable file, or by providing a link in the Hunter's Hub board.


You have several boards that you can post in :

Monster Hunter World :
That's your general board, where you can talk about anything related to MHW, ask your questions, etc ...

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate :
That's your general board, where you can talk about anything related to MHGU, ask your questions, etc ...

Show off :
That's the board where you can post pictures of your successes : lucky drops, finishing moves, etc ...

Squads :
That's the LFG board, where you can post if you need help for a certain quest, or if you wanna make some new friends

Guides :
That's where you can post guides to help people in a certain subject, such as skills or how to make more money for example

Please check that you're posting in the right board. A post that isn't in the right board will be moved without warning.


Every user is expected to be friendly and respect other users in the lounge.
There won't be any tolerance for racism, sexism, intolerable langage and use of extreme vulgarity.


This is a Monster Hunter lounge.
Any content not directly related to Monster Hunter World or the Monster Hunter franchise will be deleted without warning.


Posts that are considered spams, low effort or non-content will be deleted without warning.

This includes, but is not limited to : posts with no body content, incoherent posts, grammatically fragmented posts, no-topic posts, post without any conversational value, etc ...

We would like to promote inciteful, full and explorable content for all users to take an interest in reading or participating in !


Vulgar and explicit content isn't tolerated, as stated in the Moot content policy.

Any violations of this rule will be met with an immediate and permanent ban.

Happy hunting !

Monster Hunter World

Introduction to the lore

Monster Hunter isn't a story driven franchise, and that's not likely to change in the futures

But the world of Monster Hunter has a very interesting backstory !

Basically, there has been two "Ages"
- the First Age, ruled by the Ancient Civilisation
- the Second Age, the one we're in right now

Monster hunter world is set in the New World, where a research commission has been sent, composed of Hunters.
But we come from the Old World (where the previous games took place) :

And this Old World was ruled by the laws of nature, and most importantly, balanced. Humans and monsters where not the mortal ennemies of today, they where coexisting.

This is where the Ancient civilization comes in ! They were like us, composed of humans and wyverians (humans with pointy ears), and they were far more advanced than we will ever be ! They built marvels of technology and architecture, and they were thriving !

But they treated monsters like cattle, treating them as slaves, and killing them for materials. This angered the monsters, and particularly the Elder Dragons, who are sentient creatures. The AC had forgotten the balance of nature, and therefore had to be removed from existence.

And then, the AC committed was is called the Forbidden Act :

They created dragon machines with the corpses of the monsters they slaughtered, and used these abominations as soldiers to kill even more monsters. Those machines could only live by killing other forms of life, as they were created from lost lives.

This was the last straw, as the monsters saw those creations as abominations, and caused the Great War between the AC and the monsters !

At the end, the AC was wiped from existence, and numerous monsters and elder dragons races were now extinct.

This was also the time when the Fatalis, the most powerful elder dragon, earned its legend of the Evil Dragon by bringing mass destruction to the land, taking countless lives, and splitting a whole kingdom in half.
This dude hated the AC so much that he melded dead bodies to its hide to wear them as armor, just like we do with the monster we slay ! And he never forgot the fate of its kind even to this day !

Now comes the second age, and us with it !
We returned to an age of stone, with almost all the secrets of the AC lost to us, and we were reminded that the balance of nature was law !

There is no particular lore concerning our age, except that the Hunter Guild is what we answer to, and that they sent us to conduct researches on the New World in Monster Hunter World !

A few links if you want to dive more into it :