*eGo Recruiting*

Now accepting ALL AGE Groups!!!Elite Gaming Organization (eGo) is currently seeking new clan members. We are a Multi Gaming platform clan. We are not that clan that requires you to be on console 24/7 the only thing we ask is for you to be active in discord. If you looking for clan were KD is not important we are the clan for you. We dont rely on stats when recruiting as we are very family oriented and don’t tolerate any sort of harassment. So if you want to make good friend and have fun while playing we are the clan to join.  But if you do have competative side then ...
Yes! We do have comp teams.
Yes! We do compete in GameBattles. Men & Women players! We have players from every where US/AUS/CAN/MEX/UK/EU
If your interested in joining please feel free to click the link and join and you will receive your discord invite. Please remember ALL CONSOLES ARE WELCOME! Happy Gaming hope to see you soon! video_game

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AllEliteClan Ps4 Xbox one Pc

Is here to change the Gaming industry and sometimes to do that you have to change the Gaming industry that you live in since my first breath I been gaming that’s all I know an hell thats all I want to now. Pro teams Like Faze, Optic etc. out there really overlook at gamers with potential an Skills but does people are never notice there overlooked because there no good I have seen so many underrated players out there making good content either gaming drawing designs video editing hell even Commentators

AllEliteClan is going to change the gaming
economy because you can offer somebody Opportunity and Happy teammates Means Happy Fans and fans Come First meaning on YouTube twitter Instagram We are here to listen to you if there’s a good player out there hell send us a message well bring them in #AEC WELCOMES all Gifted Talents We don’t care about race Gender or sex,religion If you’re Elite gamer we want you! Are doors open to all it’s Important to have Competition in the market we are not just a Clan it’s a Esports Team By the way this team in the future if it does make money my team we’ll donate some money to kids with cancer / Diabetes Well be doing Competitions YouTube Twitch Facebook Gaming Vlogs every works perfect if the team is commit an passionate to gaming an if you put lots of work in effort it’ll all pay off Serious Players with Good attitude Ready To change Gaming industry

Message me For positions opened

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Esports team

Esports Team Soon an Near Future to donate To kids with cancer/ Diabetes

Brand New Esports Team

Follow us at @AllEliteClan


Stay tune... for updates

Now Recruiting message me for Details / Position openings.

Where Looking for the best of the Best to Join us

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The Xiled Ones

The Xiled Ones is recruiting are you looking for community to game out with a place to call home well TXO which been around since 2010 and have over 4,800 members with multiple of sponsors such as scuff,kontroll freaks,and gfuell. So rather you a comp,casual, or streamer we welcome all. So if this is something you interested in please comment with gt
Must be 16+
Must have mic
Must have discord

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Streaming artwork

Hello all, I do intro/overlays for twitch/ youtube channels. My plan is to make getting intros at an affordable price. So I have started a fiverr page where you can get custom made artwork for as little as $5. please swing by I will be adding more very soon.

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XGK clan Recruiting

XGK Recruiting Competitive/non-competitive
(Leaders) Ps4 Xbox one ,Pc Females Males

Co Leaders
Competitive Team Mangers
Social Media Online Team/Mangement

(Consoles players)
(((Be Active)))
Have headset
Must changed Gamer Tag
YouTube Channel is a must with content

Twitch PC Streamers
Console Streamers
Mixer Streamers
Graphic designers
Video Editors

Call of duty
Apex legends
Fortnite Battle Royale
Rainbow 6
Counter strike Global
PlayersUnknown’s BattleGrounds
League of legends
Gears of war
The division

For more info Please Message Me!!!

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Soo I’m from this amazing community known as XILED GAMING NETWORK also known XGN and XGN is constantly striving to enhance the online gaming environment without regards to skill, race, gender or personal beliefs. Our goal, for over the past eight years, has been to become a hub for all types of players. Whether they are competitive or casual gamers, XGN is a place to call home while allowing members to express their individual talents and passions for video games.
For all type of platforms meaning Xbox,PS4,PC etc
Send me your gamer tags to join XGN
Or hit me up on Xbox XGNUniqueLean
Side note you don’t need to change your GT to join

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Recruiting for OTO!

Looking for friends to game with? Want to participate in game nights and events? Come join OTO! A brand new Xbox community within the Xiled Syndicate, a coalition of communities with over 3000+ members. Must be 15+. Join in building something great!

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Join Xiled Gaming Network

We’re a coalition of over 3,000 gamers with the same goal. To create a safe and fun gaming environment. We are sponsored by large names in gaming such as GFUEL and Scuf. If you are interested in joining XGN dm me. We would love to have you as part of our family.

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Streaming On Twitch


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XGK Clan



Newest clan Coming Soon

Xbox One

Message me for Details

New Gamer Tag
YouTube channels
Must have Headphones
No clan hoppin

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New Info!

Watch "ANTHEM | Elysian Caches, Legendary Missions, Field of View Slider & More!" on YouTube

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Come chill, chat, and watch my stream.

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Halo 5 onyx grind 3 more followers

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Started streaming Anthem, come check it out!!! Ps. I also have a face cam 😁😁

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Best Colossus build!

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