Your Deathclaw LV.12 Xbox
Mar 2, 2020, 11:40 PM 61 read

Heads up and briefing

First is the heads up. I'm a mute, what is a mute? It's a person that doesn't talk. To be specific I don't talk to people I just met, if I get used to you I may start to speak. However I also do not have a mic because we'll nobody really sticks around. It's not all bad I can solo well! Okay with that said we are stronger together so let me give you the run down. Oh yeah I am on Xbox one |Javelins I play| Collosus Interceptor Ranger My current character is collosus if you want to invite me to a game I will bring my Flashy tank boy. I will explain what assault weapon and ordinate I am running when I send the looking for group post which is after my daily quests. ^^ I can take alot of hits on normal I should have no reason to die as far as things are looking so far. I haven't fought anything that counters collosus yet so I can't let my pride get me haha

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  • Bloody Nai LV.20 S Sep 11, 2020, 04:48 PM