The Future BadBoy LV.20 S
May 9, 2019, 09:06 AM 218 read


AllEliteClan Ps4 Xbox one Pc Is here to change the Gaming industry and sometimes to do that you have to change the Gaming industry that you live in since my first breath I been gaming that’s all I know an hell thats all I want to now. Pro teams Like Faze, Optic etc. out there really overlook at gamers with potential an Skills but does people are never notice there overlooked because there no good I have seen so many underrated players out there making good content either gaming drawing designs video editing hell even Commentators AllEliteClan is going to change the gaming economy because you can offer somebody Opportunity and Happy teammates Means Happy Fans and fans Come First meaning on YouTube twitter Instagram We are here to listen to you if there’s a good player out there hell send us a message well bring them in #AEC WELCOMES all Gifted Talents We don’t care about race Gender or sex,religion If you’re Elite gamer we want you! Are doors open to all it’s Important to have Competition in the market we are not just a Clan it’s a Esports Team By the way this team in the future if it does make money my team we’ll donate some money to kids with cancer / Diabetes Well be doing Competitions YouTube Twitch Facebook Gaming Vlogs every works perfect if the team is commit an passionate to gaming an if you put lots of work in effort it’ll all pay off Serious Players with Good attitude Ready To change Gaming industry Message me For positions opened

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