Legion of Antium

I have got all the new armour sets from Prospero to create my own new legion, the "Legion of Antium".

I like to keep them as realistic and lore friendly as possible so they fit in the world of Coda in Anthem. I like the fan fiction and realism us Freelancer fans can come up with and play with.

Thoughts?? All feedback is welcome.

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Stronger Together

Life as a Freelancer is difficult but we will stand united and fight on against those who oppress the people of Bastion!

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play w me

just chill

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Anthem catalist

Looking for 2 experienced players for catalist

LV.2 Lurker 4d

Well that’s not lucky...

So all my major crystals I saved up ( well over 40, I’m pretty it was 74 ) just disappeared after I got disconnected.

LV.25 Warrior 4d

NOTHING Changed In Seasonal Store This Week?!?! - Week 6 - Anthem

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What type are you? Comment

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Is this game free yet?

LV.21 Wizard 6d


I'm am now getting back into anthem as I was busy with work and couldn't play. Does anyone have any tips how to level at a decent pace and get better gear? I have no friends that have the game and will have to do this alone unfortunately. I know the friend bonus is a huge thing to leveling. Are there any tricks to get passed this or am I going to have to do alot of quick play missions?

LV.2 Lurker 8d


Hey me and my friend stopped playing anthem around 1 month after release because well it was pretty boring after the story, however we want to return to the game. Could anyone give me an update to what changes the game has went through after around 1 month after release? Are there any interesting new missions ? New gear? Thanks 4 ur answers in advance !

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Finally Storm is Legendary

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All War Chests In Seasonal Store!! - Anthem

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Weapons galore

LV.7 Nomad 12d

No New Items In Seasonal Store?!?! - Anthem

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I just started playing it's so much fun!

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I'm almost there I can feel it

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I left anthem after beating the game when it dropped and I think it's time to come back (yay or nay)

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Hows my armor set up for the cataclysm?

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Wanna play

I don’t own anthem and I really wanna play bc it looks really good and I was wondering if I could use someone’s PS4 account to bum it off of them and I’ll give you my account info to so you don’t think I’m trynna do something funny

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Anthem 1st cataclysm

Watch "Anthem stream cataclysm !" on YouTube

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Man I hope they make a dlc to continue the story line

LV.18 Lifeline Main 23d


Haven't played the cataclysm yet, is it worth dropping back in to game for?

LV.3 Lurker 24d

Is it worth it now?

I played the beta and bought the game out of excitement but after a bit of playing it became so repetitive and boring. I felt like I was aimlessly running around. Is it better now that it's been out longer and had more time?

LV.3 Rootin Tootin 25d

Fastest way to level up

So I've been doing some research scince I am farming levels to get to lvl 30. I've found that the easiest way ro level up fast is to play "The tyrant mine" over and over and tryong to het as many gold medals as possible. I hope this helps other people looking to level up quickly. Do you have any other tips and/or tricks? 🙏

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Anthem Graphics and Scenery

I feel like this game doesn't get enough credit for how gorgeous it is! Do you have a favorite area in Bastion?

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I'm highly disappointed

Anthem is actually a fun game when it works... however it literally almost never runs for me. I'm in a game. And it. Crashes moments later sometimes even crashes my entire system. And they wont refund me

LV.11 Chief 1mo

How do I get to go into other cataclysms, mind you I just got this game 3 days ago

Anyone able to tell me how to go against other bosses other that the echos of reality boss?

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Let me know your opinions on this game

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