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Strategies & Tips

1. Uses of Town

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1) Harvesting Souls by Prestige You can harvest souls by prestige (rebirth). When you prestige, you can harvest more souls by spending rubies or watching ads. Tap the "Prestige" button to prestige.   2) Purpose of Town Each building in the Town can help your monsters become stronger.     2. Organization of Town 1) Camp

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You can rank up your monsters in the Camp. The higher the monster rank, the more time it takes to complete a training. You can immediately finish the training by spending rubies.   2) Forge

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In the Forge, you can craft and enchant equipment. Craft: You can craft equipment by spending iron bars. Enchant: You need two items of the same kind and level. Enchanting spends rubies. You can enchant your equipment up to +10. X10 Feature: Take advantage of the 'x10' feature when enchanting. It allows you to enchant until you succeed within 10 tries. It is convenient when the success rate is low   3) Spell Tower

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In the Spell Tower, you can unlock and upgrade active skills and passive skills. The active skills target all enemies on the screen, and the passive skills increase attributes of all your monsters.   4) Dungeon

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In the Dungeon, you can challenge various boss stages. Challenge: Challenge a boss. Once you clear the dungeon, you can explore the dungeon. Explore: Once exploration is unlocked, (+) shaped button appears. Tap the button to make monsters explore the dungeon. Exploration gives you various rewards such as rubies and iron bars.  

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