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May 31, 2021, 09:14 AM 291 read

Are stealth elements in Open World games a "moot point"?

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I always feel like the stealth gameplay in open world games (or semi-open) are haphazardly made. They usually feature some kind of damage multiplier for stealth attacks, a stealth mode that makes player harder to detect by enemies, and that's about it. Enemies either don't come search for you or detect you while you don't expect them to (aka Skyrim); have no reaction after seeing dead comrades; and above all, don't provide enough tools and level design to make stealth gameplay more than just hide-and-seek. https://routerlogin.uno/ https://19216801.onl/ I think the reason why stealth gameplay is so bland in open world games is due to the very fact that they are open world. Open world usually means there are many ways to approach a quest, and stealth is but one of many; also, level design in open world games cannot predict where players come from and where they will go, because players have complete freedom. If the area is very carefully designed for maximized stealth fun, many players will simply find a loophole somewhere and completely bypass the stealth gameplay.   This is sad because I really enjoy playing stealthily in open world games. The freedom I get means I can roleplay thieves/assassins whenever and wherever I want. It's just most open world games don't really put a lot of effort (or put laughable effort, like STALKER) in stealth elements.    

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