Dice Game

In the dice mini game, you can acquire a variety of items by rolling dice with the dice tickets earned in the game.
Location: Village (the third icon from the bottom menu) → Game Center on the lower left
Dice tickets can be purchased as follows.
1. Obtained after watching the advertisement
2. Victory Reward of Dante's Inferno
3. End of exploration in exploration dungeon and obtain from reward
4. Available in stores
How to play:
- You can roll a die once per dice ticket.
- Pressing the roll button will roll the dice and the red monster on the game board will move as much as the scale.
- Tap on the small blue squares to jump to one of the game board's corners.
- If you step on the treasure chest, you will get some reward.
- If you hit the green box at the top of the game board, you will move down unconditionally.
- Stepping on the purple column in the middle line will return you to the first starting point.
When you arrive at the treasure chest in the middle of the game board, you will get one of several items. Among them, you can acquire Mephisto and Satan, which are new monsters that are newly added at this time.

Dice Game
Dice Game
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Monster Type & Strength/Weakness

1. Monster Type & Strength/Weakness
1) Monster Type
Monster types from left to right are the following: Demon, Undead, Ghost, and Beast.
2) Strength/Weakness
There are strengths and weaknesses between monster types. To see the monster type chart, tap the 'chart' button at the lower right corner of the battle screen.
2. Monster Stats
1) Basic attributes
There are 3 basic attributes that determine the power of monsters.
Attack Power: determines the power of normal attacks.
Health: determines the total amount of HP.
Spell Power: determines the power of skill attacks.
2) Level
Leveling up a monster increases the monster's basic attributes. Levels are displayed numerically.
3) Upgrade
Upgrading a monster permanently increases the monster's basic attributes. Upgrades are displayed numerically.
4) Monster Rank
Ranking up a monster permanently increases the monster's basic attributes. Also, new passive skills can be unlocked based on monster ranks. One rank is indicated by a star icon.
3. Monster Growth
1) Level Up
You can increase your monster's levels by spending gold.
Leveling up is the easiest way to make your monsters stronger, but prestige (rebirth) resets the levels. Keep that in mind.
2) Upgrade
You can upgrade your monsters by spending souls.
It is hard to upgrade your monsters, but attribute bonuses from upgrades remain permanent even after prestige (rebirth).
3) Training
You can increase your monster rank by training it at the Camp.
Depending on the monster rank, the duration of training increases.
You can immediately finish your monster's training by spending rubies.
4. Adding Monsters and Slots
1) How to Add Monsters
you can buy a monster in the monster purchase screen after you tap the 'Summon' button. You need an empty slot to add a monster.
You can obtain monsters by buying packages. If you buy a package, you can add monsters more easily because you also receive slots as well.
2) How to Add Monster Slots
First, you need to add a slot because you need an available slot to buy a monster. You can add slots by tapping the 'Add Slot' button at the bottom of the monster list.
5. Monster Sorting
1) Manual Sorting
You can change the order of monsters with the arrow button in the monster list.
2) Automatic Sorting
The convenience button at the bottom right allows you to sort in any way you like.
6. Monster Skill
1) Active Skill
An active skill is available after monster rank 1. It directly provides various effects such as damage, crowd control, healing, buff, and etc.
2) Passive Skill 1
First passive skills are available after star-rank 3.
3) Passive Skill 2
Second passive skills are available after star-rank 5.
7. Monster Class
1) Tank
Tanks specialize in soaking damage. They have high Health and defense-related skills.
2) Warrior
Warriors specialize in attacking enemies at close range. They have high Attack Power, moderate Health, and high damage skills.
3) Ranger
Rangers specialize in long-range attacks. They have high Attack Power, moderate Spell Power, and area skills.
4) Mage
Mages specialize in crowd control skills. They have high Spell Power and mostly crowd control skills.
5) Supporter
Supporters specialize in providing good effects (buffs) to allies. They have low basic attributes and various buff skills.
8. Crowd Control effects
1) Stun
A stunned target cannot take any action for the effect duration.
2) Slow
Movement and Attack Speed of a slowed target decrease for the effect duration.
3) Silence
A silenced target cannot use any skills for the effect duration.
4) Blind
A blinded target's normal attack misses with a 30% chance for the effect duration.
5) Poison
A poisoned target takes damage over time for the effect duration.
6) Confusion
A confused target attacks its allies for the effect duration.
7) Knockback
Push an enemy a certain distance.
8) Taunt
A taunted target attacks the taunt caster.
9. Equipment of Monsters
1) Equipment effect
Equipment greatly increases a monster's basic attribute. A monster can equip up to 3 pieces of equipment by tapping the (+) shaped button at the bottom of the Monster Info window.
2) Type of Equipment
Dark Sword: increases Attack Power of the monster wearing it.
Dark Shield: increases Health of the monster wearing it.
Dark Staff: increases Spell Power of the monster wearing it.
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Monster Type & Strength/Weakness +22
Monster Type & Strength/Weakness
Hinode Studio
Hinode Studio Hinode Studio
LV.5 GameManager 4years


1. Items
1) Gold Acquisition
You obtain a large amount of gold.
2) Battle Speed UP
Combat Speed significantly increases.
3) Monster Stats Up
Monster stats greatly increase.
4) Active Skill Cooldown Reduction
Reduce the cooldowns of the active skills from the Spell Tower.
2. Ruby
Please buy more rubies if you do not have enough rubies.
3. Packages
You can get various items effectively by purchasing packages. Be sure to carefully read package contents before purchasing packages.

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Hinode Studio Hinode Studio
LV.5 GameManager 4years

Dark World League

1. Dark World League
1) Rules
Players can compete for ranked rewards in the Dark World League. All your monsters engage in battle. The League is refreshed every week, and the champion and runner-up are inducted into the Hall of Fame. Get a daily reward based on your daily rank and weekly reward based on your rank at the end of the League.
2) How to Play
You can choose a player to challenge among 5 players on the screen. If you challenge a player, your monsters automatically fight monsters of the challenged player. If you defeat all opponent monsters, you win.

Dark World League +1
Dark World League
Hinode Studio
Hinode Studio Hinode Studio
LV.5 GameManager 4years


1. Uses of Relic
1) Effect of Relic
Relics greatly increase various attributes of all your monsters.
2) Attribute Bonus
Attack Power bonus: Increase Attack Power of all monsters.
Health bonus: Increase Health of all monsters.
Spell Power bonus: Increase Spell Power of all monsters.
Gold Acquisition bonus: Increase Gold Acquisition (from battles and mines)
Soul Acquisition bonus: Increase Soul Acquisition from prestige.
Crit Chance bonus: Increase Crit Chance (up to +60%).
Crit Damage bonus: Increase Crit Damage.
Damage Reduction: Reduce damage taken from enemies (up to +50%).
Skill Charge Rate bonus: Increase Skill Charge Rate (up to +60%).
2. Obtaining Relic
1) How to Obtain Relics
You can obtain a relic from the relic purchase screen, by tapping the 'Buy' button. However, you need an available slot to buy a relic.
You can also obtain relics by purchasing packages. A package also gives you relic slot(s), so it is easier to obtain relics through a package.
2) How to Add Slots
First, you need an available slot to obtain a relic. You can add a relic slot by tapping the 'Add Slot' button at the bottom of the relic list.

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Hinode Studio Hinode Studio
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1. Uses of Town
1) Harvesting Souls by Prestige
You can harvest souls by prestige (rebirth). When you prestige, you can harvest more souls by spending rubies or watching ads. Tap the "Prestige" button to prestige.
2) Purpose of Town
Each building in the Town can help your monsters become stronger.
2. Organization of Town
1) Camp
You can rank up your monsters in the Camp. The higher the monster rank, the more time it takes to complete a training. You can immediately finish the training by spending rubies.
2) Forge
In the Forge, you can craft and enchant equipment.
Craft: You can craft equipment by spending iron bars.
Enchant: You need two items of the same kind and level. Enchanting spends rubies. You can enchant your equipment up to +10.
X10 Feature: Take advantage of the 'x10' feature when enchanting. It allows you to enchant until you succeed within 10 tries. It is convenient when the success rate is low
3) Spell Tower
In the Spell Tower, you can unlock and upgrade active skills and passive skills. The active skills target all enemies on the screen, and the passive skills increase attributes of all your monsters.
4) Dungeon
In the Dungeon, you can challenge various boss stages.
Challenge: Challenge a boss. Once you clear the dungeon, you can explore the dungeon.
Explore: Once exploration is unlocked, (+) shaped button appears. Tap the button to make monsters explore the dungeon. Exploration gives you various rewards such as rubies and iron bars.

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Hinode Studio Hinode Studio
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1. Uses of Mine
1) Purpose of Mine
You can earn gold from mines. The amount of gold earned from mines increases in proportion to the number of mines, mine levels, and mine upgrades.
2) How to Earn Gold
If you place your monster to the (+) shaped empty slot, the monster will work in the mine to earn gold for you. You can place up to 3 monsters in a single mine.
3) Gold Earn Cooldown
The higher the ranks of the monsters in a mine, the shorter the gold earn cooldown for the mine becomes
4) Adding Mines
You need to add more mines to earn more gold. You can add mines by tapping the 'Add Mines' button at the bottom of the mine list.
2. Make Mines Produce More Gold
1) Level Up
You can level up mines by spending gold.
Leveling up mines with gold is the easiest way to earn more gold, but mine levels are reset after prestige (rebirth). Please keep that in mind.
2) Upgrade
You can upgrade your mines by spending souls.

Hinode Studio
Hinode Studio Hinode Studio
LV.5 GameManager 4years