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Daily News #39 📰 Travel Anyone?😎

● Our 2021 travel guide: Destinations that will be especially profound this year—and the data you need to plan your trip safely. Link in bio for more.⠀

● From @bloombergpursuits: The global economy needs a travel rebound. You could use one, too. As soon as it’s safe, make your plans count with two dozen ideas to help heal the world one small step at a time. ⠀

● Our network of global correspondents have highlighted trips on every continent. And they all have a purpose: rebuilding communities, rediscovering local arts and culture, restoring the environment, rewilding the animal kingdom, or reinventing yourself in an intentional way.⠀

● Each destination includes proprietary insights on Covid-19 resiliency—including current viral loads, lockdown severity, and an overall score that indicates how well a country is faring in the fight against the pandemic. (Both the lockdown and overall scores are on a scale of 1 to 100, where available. Higher numbers represent stricter lockdowns and greater success.) We’ve also provided exclusive data from Google that shows month-by-month hotel pricing, so you’ll know when (and where) to look for good values. ⠀

● Whether you decide to book now or later, there’s one guarantee: You won’t be the only one benefiting from your long-awaited getaway. Click the link in our bio for the full list.

Thoughts 💭?
Would you travel?
I currently plan to travel on my Birthday 🥰🥳depending tho maybe or maybe not.

Credit: https://www.bloomberg.com/features/best-places-to-travel-2021/?utm_campaign=likeshopme&utm_content=www.instagram.com/p/CJqgt4nhjiS/&srnd=premium&sref=xuVirdpv&utm_medium=instagram&utm_source=dash%20hudson

Daily News #39 📰 Travel Anyone?😎 +3
Daily News #39 📰 Travel Anyone?😎

Memes I found funny #39

Memes I found funny #39
Memes I found funny #39
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Amnesia Platinum


Amnesia Platinum
Amnesia Platinum
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Goodnight post #39

Good day today got a 20$ xbox gift card from my mom so im happy tommarow is fortnite challenges so ima grind that

Progress reports cam today and i got a-b honor roll😍😃😌


Sooo with that being said gn my cacti and banaenaes

Goodnight post #39 +1
Goodnight post #39
Cactus Is Best
Cactus Is Best Cactus Is Best
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Goodnight #39

Well, today i spent the entire day playing PUBG and Minecraft, i wasn't able to play Siege bc of a Online Degradation thing, and i'm still not able to, so oof, today i was able to test my new headset, and yeah, it's pretty good, anyways, Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Love from 🍊🧡
I'm holding on so tightly now
My insides scream so loud
They keep watching, watching me drown
How did it come to this?

How did it come to this? How did I know it was you?
It was a bad dream asphyxiated, watch me bleed
The life support was cut, the knot was too tight
They push and pull me, but they know they'll never win

Throw it all away, throw it all away!
I keep on screaming, but there's really nothing left to say
So get away, just get away!
I keep on fighting, but I can't keep going on this way

Hollywood Undead - Sell Your Soul

Goodnight #39

goodmorning • goodnight 🖤 || #39

I have nothing to say tonight.

goodmorning • goodnight 🖤 || #39

Random Meme of The Day #39

Idk if everyone will understand this meme, but I legit couldn’t stop laughing when I saw it 😂😂😂


Random Meme of The Day #39
Random Meme of The Day #39
Parsa Parsa
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