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Oct 31, 2020, 04:25 AM 166 read

My pre COD training!!

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420gamers I’m making us a paradise PLEASE JOIN IF YOU PLAY CALL OF DUTY PUBG AND FORTNITE I KICKED HELLA PEOPLETOXICITY WAR WENT ON AND THEN IT WENT GHOST SO NOOOOOO TOXIC PEOPLE and no peer pressure you can join if your not 420 (you don’t smoke) JUST DINT JUDGE people who do THATS COMMON SENSE falls into the BEING TOXIC rule so JOIN THIS GROWING AWESOME FAMILY AND server looks professional NOT CHEAPLY MADE. I PUT HELLA TIME INTO IT be active and the more you are if people DM me that you invited them you get a role When we get big enough we’ll have movie nights music festival jams online quarantine style 😂 JOIN THE FAMILY

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