😊👇🏽Need edits read this👇🏽😁

I’m an editor been editing for around 8months not the best in the world but pretty good need edits dm is open if u need. I do edits for anything also do a bit or clips or intros prices will be talked in private. Free edits to the top 3people that dm me first.!!! 😁😊🙀👍🏽


Hey you

Hey you guys should follow this awsome person on Twitter🙏💞

LV.19 GG 3h

Feel Free to shoot my Gaming Twitter account a follow 🥰❤️✨ I’m trying to find more ways to grow

#Queen64 #MysticMafia #Lil64

LV.23 Nintendo 64 3h

Awesome person

That's right, it's Di- DragonDJ! I'm sure you've seen her around, but if you haven't, you should look harder. She was nice enough to invite me to her discord server back when I was a lonely weirdo just starting out on here, and stayed one of my closest friends now that I'm a weirdo with friends 😊

LV.20 Insomniac 6h

Awesome person

Have you met Ella yet? Maybe seen her around the LFG section for fortnite? I've known her for a long while now and, well, she's amazing. You'll be hard-pressed to find a sweeter person, or one with a better accent. I find myself extremely lucky to know her. She's also the best build editor on fortnite I know, seriously don't get into a 1v1 with her, you'll regret it 😅

LV.20 Insomniac 6h

Awesome person

The one, the only, the gator, gatorboy45. In case you didn't already know, this man is one of the biggest reason Moot hasn't descended into the pits of hell. If that alone wasn't enough, he's just a great dude and always chill—maybe because he's a cold-blooded gator irl—and always willing to listen to our dumb questions. If you see him lurking around, say hi from me.

LV.20 Insomniac 8h

Better go follow, get him to 150

Go follow rzone he is amazing and he is so close, go make him happy!

LV.19 Champion 9h

My awesome new banner

Made by Queen64

verified LV.26 Clearly Hacking 9h

This Girl Only Wants Him For His Money

LV.6 Nomad 10h

Watch me play!

Watch me play Rainbow, challenge is: base game ops or dlc ops on their map (Favela= Cav & Capitao) only on twitch!

LV.7 Clearly Hacking 10h

Streaming The Surge! Come Check It Out!

LV.7 Nomad 11h

Awesome Person

If you haven't already met Mira, you're missing out. She was one of the first people I followed on here and I've never regretted it, there's few people as fun or as funny, and I'm glad to count her as a part of my life. Just don't be dumb, or she might bust your proverbial balls for it 👍🏼

LV.20 Insomniac 11h

Hey I'm at 48 subs rn please help me get to 50 that's all I need me channel is master945 6

LV.3 Try Hard 1d

Follow this man

He is 2 followers away from 1200

LV.19 Champion 1d

Sub for sub my channel is xXNightSlayerXx

Send me a link to yours

LV.15 Chief 1d

Time to see how bad you people want to see a face reveal

Can I get everyone's attention please


Hey you in the back shhhh

Anyways so I know this face reveal trend is past but I'm bored.

So I have an impossible challenge for you people and you non humans

Yeah I'm looking at you non human I know what you are

Sorry anyways requirements

I must reach 3,500 followers and 500 subs in a span of 2 weeks

*crowd boos*

Yes I know this seems impossible thats the point this challenges my comfort zone

Good luck to you all let's see if any of you want to see my ugly little face 🙂

Hey you be quiet, I'm still talking

That's all

verified LV.26 Clearly Hacking 1d

Streaming Rainbow Six

I'm live on Twitch - Watch me at

LV.17 Insomniac 1d

Watch me play rainbow instead...

NO MANS SKY WAS A EPIC FAILLL !!! It was super funny tho!!! Watch me play rainbow with ThirstyHearts (and maybe Stun??)

LV.7 Clearly Hacking 1d

Streaming No Mans Sky

New game, first time playing alsoooo There was this crazy update and the whole game had changed (according to my boyfriend) watch me play!

LV.7 Clearly Hacking 2d

Tour of my room!

LV.19 OPFOR 2d

Tour of my room!!!

LV.19 OPFOR 2d


I feel shmart

Wait I'm not supposed to be here *leaves*

LV.19 OPFOR 2d

Almost 50 followers we can do it

LV.17 Bandit 2d

Promoting my friend

this is one of my irl friends he’s new so welcome him he’s about to make is first post he like rainbow 6 and just cause 4 just doing him a favor

LV.20 Nintendo 64 2d


LV.14 Professional Noob 2d


Why is everyone getting sad now? Or it's just that season, I'm not sure.... 🤔

Well, I have a plan! In fact, a super plan... 😇

If you know anyone who is sad, talk to them. Make them feel comfortable, I know a great friend that is handling some issues right now... (you know who, if you just talked to me)

If that doesn't work.... okay at this point I give up. I'm joking! Never give up! (Weird Conversation...)

Okay, I'll go now. Take care Mooties and have a good night/day. I know, this was a weird post, but deal with it. 🙂


LV.14 Professional Noob 2d

Another SFV stream ✨💜

LV.23 Nintendo 64 2d

Shoutout Time!!

I’m going to be shouting out 2 famous mooters.

The first is the Queen

Queen is a very nice person and I decided to shout her out is because of how she has accepted me for who I am and she is just a really cool person to hang out and play with.

The second is SpitFire

Now Spit is just a really good person, he is one of the reasons I actually have friends on moot because he was nice enough to accept me into the mafia when I was just new to the app so all I have to say is that he is one of the reasons I didn’t quit moot.

Both of these people gave me a chance to be their friend, Queen didn’t judge me when she first heard my voice and found out my age, she really just introduced me to almost all the people on moot I am friends with and Spit, he was the one who let me in the mafia then I became friends with him and then I met Queen so yeah.

Have a wonderful day/night everyone!

Edit:Sorry for not putting it in the promotions board I thought I did

LV.19 Gym Leader 2d

Anyone still Play Unturned

Does any still play unturnded if so join this discord

LV.3 Lurker 2d

25 follower hairline reveal

It is done

LV.11 Team Rocket 2d