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Ok so big spoilers about Santa ahead About 2-3 years ago on Christmas eve it was a normal Christmas and me, my dad and my cousin all ran up the stairs from the basement cause we were getting drinks and when we got up there the presents were there (at the time I knew he was fake) but the thing is on the way into the living room my dad took a picture and in the middle of it it had a blur a fucking blur and what does that mean? Maybe something on the camera? Idk but when we looked at it we took another picture from the same place and it wasn't there so maybe we had proof that he might be real? Idk tho and sadly I don't have the picture and I dont think my dad still has it cause he got a new phone like a year after so he doesn't have it I don't think but that still puzzles me to this day on how that happened And yes sorry that its 1 big sentence i don't like making them into paragraphs and shit

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