Peachy Creep407 LV.31 Sweaty
Dec 17, 2020, 02:11 PM 193 read

Who has the saddest life?


In my opinion it has to be Paul Miller cause he was a normal person who has a boxer and journalist and he went to go interview antifa and they fought him and when the fight was over he was happy cause he had all the proof he needed to get them arrested video, audio, eye witnesses yet the attorney said that he didn't have enough proof which is bs af because thats literally all the proof you need and more but they got out and then they started posting shit which led up to his parents get called and told that they are gonna die and tons of people outside their house and even the fbi harassed them and he was never racist but that shit made him and now he does those videos and shit but he doesn't like it at all like come on he just wants to go back to a normal life and yes sorry for the extra long ass sentence its cause I dont care really

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