POPULAR How gaming saved my life! A bit about me..

Hey guys and gals! I have been oh here for a little over a month. I've already met some really cool people so I figured I would tell yall a bit about me!

Well, my name is Christopher and I'm a United States Marine. I'm very proud to say I have two combat patches. My 2nd deployment was to Afghanistan. I was part of an Infantry Assault unit MOS 0351. Our job was basically to raid villages known to harbor Talliban and store their weapons cache. To make a long story short, l 11th months in and 14 days until it was time to come home, the humvee ahead of mine ran over a roadside improvised explosive device. It's not my place to share anything about my brothers but I'll say it was not a good turnout. I shattered both ankles and got a large piece of metal shrapnel in my left thigh. I spent some time in an Afghan hospital and when I was stable enough flown back to the States. I had two amazing orthopedic surgeons. One of which did a lot of work on some of the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing. (Pics below!) They said working on my ankles was like trying to piece Humpty Dumpty back together. 🤣

I went from living a very fast, exciting, and adrenaline filled life to being bedridden. The most excitement I had was doing gruelling intense physical therapy and I was struggling to say the least. Eventually a buddy of mine brought me his old Xbox 360 and COD Black Ops 2. This was a changing point in my recovery. I found that playing this game actually helped with my PTSD, took my mind off the pain a bit, passed time I had to be in bed, and was so much fun. I quickly started to become very good at this game and my new hobby was born.

Eventually I upgraded to the Xbox One when COD WWII came out. I played the hell out of that game and knew I was officially hooked. I preordered Black Ops 4 and have been playing it since it was released. I never knew I had a hidden talent in video games. I quickly excel in basically any game I put my mind to and have gotten especially good on the COD series.

I joined a gaming team and made a lot of new friends. Unfortunately that team did not work out and I wont bore you with the details. But thru that experience I met my new best friend and someone I consider a brother. The two of us learned from the errors of the past team and created our own! We officially launched Assassin Nation eSports on June 1st of this year and are already leaps and bounds past some teams who have been around for years. We have competitive teams for all the main popular games and have some amazing talent! Our COD and Apex players must have been born with miniature controllers in their hands because I have never seen players with such natural skill.

Anyways, that's the story of the last few years of my life. I can honestly say gaming saved my life. In a very short time period I went from the best time of my life, to the absolute lowest of lows, and then back up to where I am now; Happy and content. I would like to think I have the mental fortitude to have found a way to have gotten thru that dark time without gaming, but who knows. What I do know is that I will be forever thankful for gaming and the gaming community.

If you want to learn a bit about my new team, our website is www.AssassinNation.eS
If you're browsing on your phone, put the browser in Desktop Mode to view it properly. I am doing a complete overhaul of the website soon, but we needed a starting point and the current one served its purpose. You can fill out an application there if you are interested in joining an amazing group of gamers. (No need for address)

Here are some pics of me from the hospital and then me now! I hope you enjoyed my story and thank you all! 💪

How gaming saved my life! A bit about me.. +2
LV.26 Assassin
How gaming saved my life! A bit about me..

POPULAR I’m bored and I need a new anime to watch! I’ve seen FMAB (obv) , SDS, and SAO I & II

I’m bored and I need a new anime to watch! I’ve seen FMAB (obv) , SDS, and SAO I & II
LV.19 Sage
I’m bored and I need a new anime to watch! I’ve seen FMAB (obv) , SDS, and SAO I & II

Moot Photo Contest #2

Hello all and welcome to the second instalment of the Moot photo contest! Sorry for the large delay, but I'm back! As always, this a (supposedly) weekly contest which will allow you to show off your photography skills! Each week you will be given a theme to follow, and all you have to do is take a photo that fits the theme, and post it in the comments of this post!
My top 5 favourite photos will be shown off in a separate post a week from today.
This week's theme is Fall (Autumn)!
Good Luck!

LV.23 Mod
Moot Photo Contest #2

POPULAR What is this - a gaming app ?

Hello ,
This is going to be a negative review for this app as it seems from the title. I am going to explain everything mentioned as I include bad words. Feel free to report me for being toxic or right. I am not going to respond to your comments - its not worth it !
Moot - Gaming Discussions and LFG
The date was December , 2018 . This is when i joined this chaos . When i first registered here I thought that this app will last for a while but it lasted for 3 months until the off topic lounge changed and suddenly a "group" or shall i say a pointless and pathetic club full of 16 years old was filled in and started spreading " Positivity " - what the heck ? This sounds so stupid and it ruins the GAMING character . Have you ever heard a positive thing from players in a game ? If so , then you were lucky but it didnt last for long . You can't just make a post saying " we are creating a positive club " and bring all the attention on you , at least thats what i had in mind but it turned out to be false. With this club they gain more followers and likes meanwhile there are other small profiles who do much better than GOOD MORNING ...This "group" has changed a lot in this app but its not only them - the thirsty 12 years old are also looking for " gamer girls " ... | The positivity club turned the GAMING DISCUSSIONS into a GOOD BUTHOLE POSTS .... I have a question for you members : Why would you download an app and go to the off topic section of it when you are not gonna use the other lounges ? Keep your personal information in you - as it is said in the Content Policy which nobody reads because its 2019 right ? The mods ? They are just for the title nothing else !
So whats been really going on this app ? Appreciation posts ? Face reveals ? Good morning and good night posts ? My crush posts ? Its all the same and it goes in a circle . Its really sad to see a gaming community going like that to social drama meetings
This app was good one time - but you ruined it . Im a nobody in this case but this is the truth . Dont leak your personal info kids - your " friend " as you call him may turn you into a failure.

LV.17 Fearless
What is this - a gaming app ?

POPULAR Random Question

Should I leave Moot? Not a joke 😓 I just wanted to know cause I bet some of you hate me....idk :/
T^T please say your actual answer and not just "yes" as a lie as well

Random Question
Random Question

POPULAR New friends ^.^

I am about to go to bed so I will be logging off for today! Thank you so much to Enchilad and Bagel for telling me the ropes here c: Can't wait to meet more friends tomorrow <3

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New friends ^.^


show my babies love ♥️♥️♥️



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POPULAR Who's ready for IT chapter 2

Who's ready for IT chapter 2
LV.20 Vampire
Who's ready for IT chapter 2

POPULAR A friend of yours is a friend of mine!♥️♥️

i just recently finally followed back someone who has been following me for a while. but i wanna take the time to say if any new mooted friends of you guys need help of boost let me know!

i just don’t wanna make it seem like you have more follows then followers because i know most don’t like that just putting that out there!

i love you babies♥️♥️♥️🥺🥺🥺♥️♥️


LV.25 Midnight Kiss
A friend of yours is a friend of mine!♥️♥️

POPULAR *sigh* here it is..




Took this a week ago btw

ik im ugly lol

*sigh* here it is.. +1
LV.24 Nightmare
*sigh* here it is..

POPULAR Guess & Win ❤️ (ended)

This week's contest has ended, stay tuned for next week's!


I've never done one of these before but I think it's about time I did ❤️

The rules are simple:
Like this post
Guess a number between 0-450
You get 3 chances put all 3 in your comment! I'll be keeping watch.
It'll go based off of who guesses first (and if the number isn't guessed, who guessed closest.)
Example: (XXX,XXX,XXX)

You have by Friday to post your answers 😊

I'll choose 2 winners and 1 runner Up
The winners can choose from these prizes:
-Custom Made Banner Art!
-Invintation to a Secret in the making gamer club shh~
-Shout out for being awesome and participating!

The runner up will win a shout out for trying!!

Thanks if you participate and good luck ❤️

Guess &amp; Win ❤️ (ended)
Guess &amp; Win ❤️ (ended)

POPULAR Important and kinda sad.🖤

Hey guys.. normally I come on here a joke about stuff but I want to take a step back for once and talk about something serious. I know Moot is an app made for gaming and stuff which is why I never make posts that probably belong on Facebook or whatever.

A lot of the people on Moot are young and don’t completely know about mental health or what to do. Mental health can be anywhere from depression, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts. You need to speak to someone about it though. If you’re frequently upset or angry, talk to someone about it; don’t let it build up.

If you are contemplating suicide, tell someone or call 1-800-273-8255. I have personally lost too many of my close friends within the past two years to suicide and I don’t want anyone on here to think about it. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to a family member, I understand completely. My DMs are always open on Moot and Instagram. You can snap me, call me (discord or if I know you, phone). I have plenty of AMAZING friends that will help as well. I love you, and on behalf of the Moot community, we love you.

Side note;
The past month for me has been a rollercoaster. Between school, family issues, and work, I have been extremely stressed. I don’t mean to be rude or mean and on behalf of that, I apologize to anyone I have pissed off or hurt. I truly love 90% of the people that I have met on here and I don’t want anyone to think otherwise. ❤️

Important and kinda sad.🖤

POPULAR Am I Moot’s most hated? ☺️

Get this post to 69 likes and 69 dislikes!

LV.20 Rootin Tootin
Am I Moot’s most hated? ☺️

POPULAR Guess my name!! (Not my idea)

This is not my idea but I thought it would be cool and fun to do ^-^

BagelThot, sorry cutie but you can't do this cause you already know -_- <3

It's starts with H and I'm ^-^ go!

LV.25 Wolf
Guess my name!! (Not my idea)

POPULAR I have something to tell you :3 💖

I have something to tell you :3 💖
I have something to tell you :3 💖

POPULAR Face reveal

Enjoy :)

Face reveal
LV.25 I Love Food
Face reveal

POPULAR Guess the number!

I saw this trend started by KOH so I'll hop on the trend bus

Guess a number from 1-100 for a shout out!!

Guess the number!
LV.23 Team Player
Guess the number!




verified LV.28 The Best


Comment a picture of you pet(s) .. I wanna see all the cute faces your guy take care of :)

I cant wait to see all you dog/cats/birds/ anything 😊😊

Here's some of mine :

LV.25 I Love Food

POPULAR Hey!Twitch or youtube streamers!!!

could you guys drop a link to your streams i’m bored an i wanna watch something an support you guys while doing it yea? i need to get a new ps4 controller so i’m stuck with playing nothing in over my xbox so i won’t be playing on it anymore not until i get a new ps4 controller :/ sooo entertain meh!!!☺️☺️☺️☺️♥️♥️♥️free subs btw

LV.25 Midnight Kiss
Hey!Twitch or youtube streamers!!!

POPULAR Introductions

Here's a little bit about me: I'm a 21 year old female, I'm happily engaged. My fiance is a gamer as well I might try getting him on this app as well as I think he'd enjoy it. I'm really shy and quiet at first but when I get to know you and I'm comfortable around you I come out of my shell and talk more and you'll come to see that I am really weird haha. I play on PS4, you will usually catch me playing Destiny 2. I love meeting new people and making friends....

Tell me a little about yourself? Nothing super personal like your real name or where you live just a little something to get to know you. 🙂

LV.24 The Best


heh try and offend me u toxic rats
ill give ur insults a rating outta 10

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Hai theree >.< i'm new to Moot. Anything I need to know ^-^
My name is Veronica but I go by V (≧ω≦)

LV.3 Lurker
Hai c:

POPULAR underrated and shouldnt be;

1.) Bobslee -
one day i saw this guys comment and i decided i would bestfriend him. phahahaha he was shocked but i knew he was a sound geezer and his comments were always making me laugh, now we don’t speak like besties should but i have no time, so those convos will come eventually bobsly xxx

2.)Bagelthot -
a fellow girl gamer, hellaww :) i played with BT when i was playing with Gator and she scared me, like every girl gamer scares me. But she popped up after and we actually have so much in common. Her snapchats are cute so you should really add her, and i mean why arent you following someone with the username ‘BagelThot’ anyways?!?!?

3.)Tachungus -
the first person i played with on moot! What can a say, he’s mint at r6, and Minecraft, he’s brainy, wise, funny and just a great person, he’s also like the only other english person on this app. He’s my fav and he is lucky enough to be traumatised by all my drunk snapchats hahahahah, oops. pretty sure he gets sick of me being bad, but he doesn’t say anything hehehe (;;;

4.)MaAiZe^^ -
idk why but i’m drawn to every single MaAiZe post because they always feature cats :)))))
i mean, she does a daily cat posts and is still under 500 followers?!? are u guys mad, follow her now. Shes so nice and relatable, oh and shes also english!! we defo need to play soon though, so we can be #professionalpotatos together (;

verified LV.27 Rare Candy
underrated and shouldnt be;

POPULAR guess the number get a shoutout


guess the number get a shoutout


such a nice chill guy, can talk to him ab anythinggg❤️


verified LV.27 Rare Candy

POPULAR whos your favorite mooter?

everyone comment!

LV.20 Rootin Tootin
whos your favorite mooter?

POPULAR 5 dollars for my birthday

5 dollars for my birthday
LV.7 CTs Win!
5 dollars for my birthday

POPULAR What’s your favorite part about party’s?

Since I’ve been partying quite a lot this summer I was wondering what’s your favorite part? For me it’s just hanging out with my friends and having a fun time without having to worry about life :)

As always love you all and be positive 😁❤️

What’s your favorite part about party’s?
verified LV.25 Fearless
What’s your favorite part about party’s?

POPULAR Last person to comment on this post gets a special surprise ;)

This ended :((((

verified LV.29 RIP
Last person to comment on this post gets a special surprise ;)