TheAlienfreak LV.18 Duo queue god
Feb 10, 2021, 10:25 AM 108 read

Your #1 Alien

How many likes and follows do i get for this post....ZERO lol nah i honestly dont care. Im a people person but im not thirsty for attention or even hungry for them pesky likes or follows i do my own thing to ensure that people like me for me. Not for some prick craving attention or even a bully to get liked at. Honestly i got on moot for the people. Most of yall are good people. To believe ive been in those shoes before when it came to toxic behaviors oh ive been there on both sides of that court. It aint worth it. Stick with people that make you feel like a better person and they will stick by you. This is your #1 👽 signing off

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