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Final Diss Lyrics

I'm hoping to have a video with the lyrics so even if it is mumble you can still understand the message. All the things in this post are finalized, the beat isn't in here because that might be changed depending on how things go... The lyrics might be tweaked a bit as well... *Cover Photo*

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*Lyrics* Attention. Attention. This just ain’t right man Gave us an app that we loved, then dipped? You got your money, then flipped the switch. How about stick with Moot not Band, that pointless bitch Like what the fuck moot? I believed in you If only you took the phone When I handed it to you ring ring It's me again Telling you to rise up Instead you say your time up Man it's not your last stop It's just a cover-up To get your band-up Band ain't even runner-up It's the plan Z You know it can never be Like community you threw away The ones who will make you pay You'll regret the day You decided to turn away Ay, but look, Moot. I ain't mad at ya. Progress when you need it Just make sure the next time you make a promise, keep it [pause] I suck at rhyming But it's better than your timing You took too long to care about our suggestions You could've been something if you just listened I contacted all of you continuously But the only admins that read the messages Were the ones you never listened to You never cared about anything but yourself Now we in this position Now let me give you my proposition. Your plan to merge Feels like you're starting the purge Why do you feel the urge To destroy what you created [pause] Now listen very carefully You've devolved because you never resolved the problems If only you listened you wouldn't be at the bottom You sat and watched your best admins go away But hey at least you got your pay Listen up moot, you just got your ass jabaited You had a good community then it all just deflated And now we up here wondering' whatchu saying Cuz now zero is going to be your population It looks like you don't seem to care but hey we tried to play fair We made this song with minimal time You made your updates with subminimal effort We can't rap or sing but your apps been dead since 2018 [laugh] ❤love y'all❤ #SpreadtheLove #FullHomoGang

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