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beautiful pain </3

Girl, you got me losin' my mind I just want you to see that I'm trying Ever since you left, the sun don't shine Don't wanna lose you in this race against time Hypnotized by your love, I'm blind It's so hard to pay attention to the signs Without you, feel like slowly, I'm dying Broken hearts can make a grown man cry I was sittin there just thinkin', then reality it hit me Hope I feel your same pain when that bitch karma come and get me Feel like I don't deserve you no more, but I want you to be with me We done built a bond so strong, and from that love, I know you miss me Connected to your soul, I feel it when you hug and kiss me Now your shoulder is so cold and lately I been feelin' empty I got caught up in this fame and all these hoes, I let it tempt me In that hotel room alone, remember I would hold you gently Went on dates, we took some pictures, everything was movin' quickly Manipulated, I ain't think a new relationship would fit me But I told you we can try it, even though, I know it's risky Mind games with our emotions, swear this shit get kinda tricky

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