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Jan 24, 2021, 03:22 PM 12 read

Im a shell of a man

Last year ive made some of the shotiest descisions ive ever made in my life. It started good. bieng my first year of middle school. i Found out It wasnt as easy as i thought but it wasnt as hard as my parents said it wud be. I met some of my greatest friends and had a good life. i had just gotten in to youtube .I was gaining like 10 subs a week. I was having fun with my friends. sounds great. this is where it goes downhill. My phone broke and i was sad but i had my tablet and laptop. I was slightly mad but im like ok whatever. Then i et the girl of my dreams. The one for me her name was Pricilla. We were realy close friends for a while and yeah. Then my tablet broke.i was a little mad but i was fine when i had my Pricilla by my side. then covid happened. I was shell shook. I got exposed and had to quarantine for 2 weeks. But during quarantine i got my pc built. I was happy. I got into nerf after a while and became a nerfer. I was having fun but after bieng locked in the same house 247 is boring. I got my gaming broken. yeah it overheated or somthing and i waited a bit to get it fixed. It got fixed and i didnt use it for so long that it needs to update. After that i was kinda just having a regular life. Now this is realy where shit hit the fan. My youtube channle got deleted after i gained 150 subscribers. my channel got deleted for some random reason and after slightly my email got terminated. i couldnt accses any login on that email anymore. i started a new yt and then I got copyrigtd on a song i made that was original. It got removed a month after talking to the copyright enflicter. Anyways i bet youwonder what happened with you and pircilla . We didnt talk over the summer much but as soon as i enterd 7th grade we talked a bit. And after it was long conversations. I told her i had a dream about her . She said she liked me to and we both said it was a relif to get it off our chests. after a bit i asked her out and she said no and ghosted me. I was heart broken. i fell asleep criying that night. and the entier week after. I found a nice comunity of people in a live stream chat . I kept coming back daily and they hooked me up with somone my age who was single. It didnt work ot. i didnt know her much but it was regardless another peice of my heart chipped away. After that i moved to moot and found a place in moots heart. I met a nice guy and we kinda talked a bit and started dating. Ithink now at this point in time is when i came out as pansexual/bisexual But after a bit he broke up with me. He gave me the chance to come back though. i said sorry no. i regret that. If i had the chance to say yesagain i would. I realy miss him. he was the only person i dated that didnt love me cause i had money. cause im healthy. cause im a good kisser. just cause we loved eachother. then after that i spen christmass with 1/64th of a heart. cyber. if youve gotte this far i want to tell you i love you.  

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