Cow Boy Billy LV.30 Billy
Jan 15, 2021, 01:53 PM 149 read

Goodnight Mooters!

I finally visualized my work for this week so that way I can organize my stress and if all goes well the next couple days should be easy. Except for Tuesday, that's going to be hard af... Gotta make a huge open note thing for history and study for Spanish which I barely know the words they've been studying all year... Never transfer in between school years unless you're forced to...its not fun 😥 That being said I might (small chance) have a regular posting schedule for a couple days... Guess we will see how things go... Otherwise, goodnight. I will get a 6 hours of sleep tonight 😊 ❤love y'all❤ #SpreadtheLove #FullHomoGang

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  • Queen Samira LV.21 S Jan 15, 2021, 01:54 PM

    goodnight hope you have a wonderful night