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Update and Story

Hey Moot! Miss you guys already! Its been interesting for the past couple days. I am still under huge amounts of stress and it will probably be like that for the next 3 weeks (lets hope not). So my old school is going decent. Not getting as much as I want done which is expected because I have midterms to work on. I've completed all of reading so thats good. I'm also on my way to complete physics. Spanish, History and Precalculus are left all with about 6 assignments to do. Don't know what's to come for the future but I pray that I can just get through this with passing grades. Well thats enough of the update portion of the post, so I'll leave you off here. I miss you all and hope to be back soon! Now, here is my alternative ending to "The cask of Amontillado" that I had to do for one of my assignments...enjoy (btw I aced it)   The Cask of Amontillado (Alternative ending)   The act I committed on Fortunato objectively doesn't seem proper or seem to keep me in good mental health. I can assure you that I am exhilarated and feel like I can't hold back my happiness because I finally got rid of that Fortunato. His name makes me laugh and makes me remember how foolish he was while I effortlessly led him to his doom. With all this running through my head, I realized that I should sit in the vaults for some time. I felt I would come out and accidently triumph with joy and tell what I have done to Fortunato. Fortunato was a good man, but he always disturbed the silence. The silence sitting in the vault alone was deafening, but it almost felt loud with these seemingly devilish thoughts. These thoughts made me laugh more than Fortunato ever had. When I finally got a hold of myself, I got up and headed for the exit to the vaults. I was about to pass the carnival without anything going wrong, until I got stopped by Lady Fortunato. "Montresor! Montresor!?" I turned around and watched as Lady Fortunato came rushing toward me. “Yes?” I replied. “Where is Fortunato? I think I saw him with you last”, Lady Fortunato stated. I felt my temperature rising then impulsively replied, "You won't believe me, but that Fortunato of yours is still in the vaults somewhere. He enjoyed the Amontillado so much he asked if he could stay there a little while". She looked relieved and started heading to the vaults. I realized what I just did, when she gets there what will she do when she sees Fortunato isn't there? What if she sees the wet plaster?! I started heading home and walked faster than usual, I felt sick to my stomach. I got home and was welcomed by my partner in crime, Luchesi. Luchesi is a loyal man that I met during the last carnival. He was taste testing the wine and Fortunato criticized his ability to truly taste wine. When Fortunato stopped pestering him I went up to him, and we agreed how annoying Fortunato is. We both came up with the crazy idea to kill Fortunato as our gift to the world. "Montresor, how did it go?" "Luchesi we have a problem." "What?" He said, "whatever do you mean?" I sat down and rested my head on my hands. "Montresor?" He said, "you look distort." "Well, that's because, I am Luchesi. I did it...I did the act, it is done." "Oh wonderful!" he said, "but if you did the deed, then why do you look defeated my dearest friend?" I told him what happened, and we both became completely silent. After sitting there for what felt like an hour I jumped up and remarked, "I've got it Luchesi! We must leave tomorrow at sunrise." Something about this escape makes me feel excited and ready to get out of this terrible town. We haven't decided where we should go yet, but being able to pick almost anywhere sounds like a grand adventure to me. The next morning, I awoke by a knock at the door. I got up and looked around the room and realized that Luchesi wasn't there. I wondered where he may have gone for a second, but then realized he was probably at the door now and accidentally locked himself out. I went to the door and quickly opened it wide to let my dearest friend Luchesi in. There was only one problem, he wasn't there, IT WAS THE POLICE! My heart began racing and I swear it skipped a beat. I thought for a moment if I should shut the door and make a run for it, but I realized that wouldn't be a good idea. The police men got right to it and questioned me, "so where is that fellow named Fortunato?" I was afraid they would ask that, I was starting to feel queasy and thought I would blow my cover. "I left him in the vaults with the Amontillado. Whoever sent you all this way to ask me this ridiculous question?" "Lady Fortunato requested us to investigate you. The problem is, when she went to look for him he wasn't there, and neither was the Amontillado", the police replied "That silly Fortunato, he probably ran off with the Amontillado. He did love it after all." The police puzzled for a while and I thought that I might be in the clear. Another moment went by and I began closing the door and said, "well if that is all, I shall on my way." "Wherever are you going?" "Oh, I just have some things I want to get done today." I continued closing the door and one of the police officers stopped it about half way. He said, "I don't think you're going to do those things today, you're going to take us to the vaults and show us where you left Fortunato." They grabbed my arm, and we started heading to the vaults. I wasn't sure what to do, but I knew I did an amazing plastering job on that wall that Fortunato lied dead behind. I wondered why they needed me to go to the vaults with them. If Lady Fortunato and I told them what happened, why were they still suspecting that he was down there? We arrived at the vaults which looked exactly how I felt them. The wall that Fortunato sat dead behind was still there and the plaster was all dry. Lady Fortunato was sitting with her head rested on her hands. She looked up and came to me, "where is my Fortunato? I demand to know." "I told you, I left him down here with the Amontillado." She began sulking and the police men started walking around looking for evidence of where he had gone. I began to wonder what really happened to Luchesi, why did he leave without waking me? I had the most random suspicion that the police were sent by Luchesi, but I concluded that it must be false. Maybe Luchesi wanted to run off without me and break our partnership. Maybe he left because he saw the police coming toward the house. Maybe there was a wine tasting in town that I didn't know about. So many possibilities, but all of them made me disappointed that my partner ditched me in a crucial time like this. One of the police men said, "This wall" while pointing at the wall that hid Fortunato's corpse, "looks oddly placed." I looked at it for a little while to see that it did look a little peculiar. I must've been in such an adrenaline rush that I didn't realize how odd it looked. I replied, "Why do you mention a wall? It is nothing but a wall." "I'm just wondering if you left Luchesi here or did you murder him?" I looked over at Lady Luchesi who looked like she was about to tremble to the floor after hearing that. I got frustrated and said, "I TOLD YOU! I LEFT HIM HERE WITH THE AMONTILLADO!" The police officer seemed to study my facial expressions. I thought I was keeping my face unreadable, but I must've slipped in my expression. The second he saw my expression slip up he ordered the other officer to break down the wall. I sat down with my head resting on my hands and knew that I was going to be locked up for the rest of my days. The officer broke down the wall and the remains of Fortunato's corpse laid there, cold and dead. The next day, I woke up in my jail cell. I don't regret what I did to Fortunato, the world is better off without him. Killing him was my gift to the world, but I realized I had one more gift to give. I promised myself these simple words, "if I ever see the light of day again...I will get my revenge on that Lady Fortunato. ❤love y'all❤ #SpreadtheLove #FullHomoGang  

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