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Last Call, if you have a @Bronze Member all you need to do is register via the Calendly link below to have your speaker position held.       There are 7 open spots left for tonight, if those fill we're going to swap out in the second hour. I don't suspect this will happen, but it will in the future.      

Off Topic: General - ESPORT BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE #004 image 2

  Topic: How to maintain Perseverance in Esports | We'll be talking about Mental Health, how to deal with loss, how to deal with rejection, and how to deal with the fear of missing out.

      If you have not registered for a Bronze Membership on the website, you will not be invited to speak this evening.   We completely understand the skepticism, reservations, and/or the anxiety of signing up on the website.   Just to put it simply it helps us manage the discord by assigning role privileges via a membership bot.   At this time, signup is FREE, all you need to do is register @

  After registering, you need to check your email or message me for the Discord Membership link.       Last but not least, if you're unable to speak tonight, please do us a huge favor and stop by one of the livestreams to say hello, give us a like, and subscribe to the channel. You know it really helps. Thanks.       #esports #gaming #videogames

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