Soul Snpr LV.17 Sage
Nov 26, 2020, 01:30 AM 12 read

I see all this hate on moot why?

Why do people hate on other people on moot? What’s the point of doing that last time when I joined moot everyone was cool and fun but now when I joined back after about a year or two I keep seeing all the posts about these people Blaming egirls and simps like it’s all their fault when it’s not all egirls and simps that ruined this app maybe there are some egirls or Simps that ruined this app but that doesn’t mean you blame all of them there are a lot of people that have ruined this app and now I see there are some people considering quitting because of this how bad of a person can you be to ruin this app for other people this app shouldn’t be for bullying or being a piece of shit just stop

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