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Off Topic: General - EBNP #018 - JOHNNY WEAVER (CLICK GAMING)  image 1

EBN Podcast #018, our guest is Johnny Weaver, the Head Honcho of Click Gaming. Johnny is a veteran in the Esports Industry, you could say he's played every role one could imagine in Esports. Early in his career, he was a professional Halo player, and having crafted his skills playing Halo, he graduated from being a player to being a tournament organizer. He's elevated Click Gaming to be a household name in, both offline & online, amateur Esports Tournaments. In addition the impact he's made on both grassroots & professional Esports, should not go without mention. In this episode, learn more about how Johnny Weaver and Click Gaming are building the future of Esports, Enjoy!   Stay tuned, new episodes release on Mondays at 6 AM CST. Enjoy!

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