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Off Topic: General - ESPORT BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE #003  image 2


      You've been invited to be a guest on the Esports Business Roundtable.   The meetup is a group webinar that will discuss a specific topic in Esports.   This week's topic, 11/25/20 Wed 5 PM CST "How to Communicate in Esports?"   We are scheduled to record two hours. However, we may end the broadcast prior to reaching the two hours, if guest choose not to participate in the broadcast.       Rules:   Guest may join at any given time during the two hour broadcast. Guest must be onboarded prior to the start of the event to be selected as a speaker. Guests must be registered members on the website with minimum Bronze Membership. Guests must be registered members on the Discord server with Bronze Member role.     New Member Signup -

  (After registering on the EBN Website, check the email you provided for a link to connect your discord profile to your EBN Website Membership)       If you have any questions, or are experiencing technical difficulties please contact an admin on the Discord Server for customer support.       Discord Server -

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