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Nov 20, 2020, 12:07 AM 117 read

the second day, part 2 :P

so next part to my #MixModeOn series, and if you guys already forgot what that is, its were I take songs from my gaming playlist and analyze why its even there :P   today though is a double feature, for I have two songs for today.

both of them are a shadow of mordor songs, but they are truly awe-filled.   the reason behind why these are in my playlist is main for the rythme but some of the vocals seem to inspire me to strive forward regardless of the challenge before me, though these are more recent additions to my playlist, they are still listened to often especially when I'm farming items or XP, never during an actually challenging fights :P

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these are probably one of the least impacting songs of the playlist, it motivates but doesn't actually change me in any way, so that why there one of the earlier post.

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