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Off Topic: General - EBNP #017 - DAVID STRASHNOY (BETTI GAMES) image 1

  Upcoming on EBN Podcast #017, our guest is David Strashnoy, the Chief Executive Officer of Betti Games. He's a lawyer who has possessed a passion for video games throughout his life. His startup, Betti Games, is looking to disrupt Esports Tournament Organization by using platform agnostic conversational artificial intelligence to source data via application program interfaces (api) to provide real-time stat tracking to Tournament Admins. Learn more about how his team and him have been utilizing Discord as an incubator for the development of this powerful tool.     Stay tuned, new episodes release on Mondays at 6 AM CST. Enjoy!   Listen:   #esports #gaming #podcast #esportsinvesting #esportscommunity

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