Galacticoof LV.19 Professional Noob
Nov 10, 2020, 02:08 AM 111 read

How to win imposter on among us everytime

#1 First tip on imposter is to practice on faking tasks the way I did this is see how long each task should take for example Admin / swipe card should take 5 to 10 seconds so then you go into free play and practice until you feel ready enough ☺️ #2 next tip is on when you should kill So you now know how to take tasks and all that jazz but when do you kill ? Well your friend is here to help the fastest and best way to kill someone is to follow them now this might make them suspect you but if you follow them to the back of the ship they won't have time to go to emergency meeting #3 how to convince people imposter is not you Now this might sound easy but when you keep saying it isn't me they suspect you A LOT 😂 Now I suggest not saying to much other than saying like I saw blue purple or pink kill somebody but they were all in a cluster and I couldn't tell That's a good way to convince them it's not you but you know who it might be when the imposter is really well you ;-; Hope this helps Happy gaming -theoddwolftato ☺️

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