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Nov 9, 2020, 12:39 AM 8 read

my favorite pastime other than gaming

so i'm working on my own comic series called Ghost Tracers it's a group of assassins that only kill bad guys and this demon Jay Harper and his vampire best friend Nathan encounter this group after Jay's parents were killed by the demon king Skullkrusher and his minions. the members of the assassin coup is Hera; leader, Ecco; archer, medic, and fire mage, Penny; spy, Daisy; adventurer, Shawn; rogue, Matt; weapons expert. i'm currently working on part 3 of the series, and i thought about making each story about each character, though it'll take a lot of work. i sort of got inspired by this anime called Akame ga Kill. soooo yea. wish me luck! 😋  

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