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muh, i doubt its that good :(

well, I know no one asked for this but it will help a friend of mine so here we go   here is the intro paragraph to my book, after every time I complete a chapter of my book I'm going to post it here on moot for all to read :P

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do like and give me any feedback on the book if you want *bows*     I couldn't tell if it was rain or tears that ran down my cheeks and onto my raincoat. I looked at my parents, who lay motionless in the wet grass. Their blood pooled around them and soaked through their clothes, staining them. I looked at the man in black who stood over them. His blade dripping the crimson liquid, his cloak lightly bellowing in the wind, his hood drawn over his head to keep out the rain. He turned his gaze toward me. His eyes did not show any malice or anger, but that of a calm collected manner. he steps over my parents' bodies as he advanced towards me. He knelt before me and looked me in the eyes, his face cast in shadows but his silver eyes reflected the light of the lamp post. his gaze was so powerful I just stood there, unable to act. Then I felt the cold steel in my stomach, sliding through with no resistance. I felt the blood rise in my throat, my stomach hurt, my vision blurred, my head was swimming. I coughed causing blood to run down my chin and onto my raincoat. I reached out for my assailant, hoping to see his face. With one last thrust from his blade, I felt myself go cold and limp. I heard bells tolling in the distance and my body shaking, and a voice too quiet to hear.   i know its a little dark but it was meant to snags ones attention, plus it will all lead up to the future of the book.

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  its probably no good, I know that so don't hold back

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