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Move Story

Florida ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I dont think I'll miss Florida. Florida is a state ment for vacations, not for living there. I'll definitely miss all the people I've met there and the opportunities I've been given there.

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Georgia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Place of the trees and random civilization. Georgia never comes close to surprising me because it's just always empty unless you go through Atlanta. Oh and the area of that awful smell Georgia will be Georgia And Doggo 👇

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South Carolina ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More trees and advertisements of "South of the Border" for roughly 58 miles. These advertisements are placed at every mile marker. "South of the Border" is an interesting place that I'm surprised to see still standing. They dont get much business.

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North Carolina ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I dont remember much about this state. Just feels like another Carolina with more trees.

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We stopped 30 minutes out from Virginia so we could sleep, just look at the bags under my eyes lmao

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Virginia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hate this state. It's too long... I mostly watched "The Umbrella Academy" throughout this state. I think the state took about 3 and a half hours or something. I did start seeing the leaves on the trees start changing color.

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Maryland ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We went through a small portion of this state so nothing much to talk about. Except doggo 2.0

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Delaware ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Went by faster than my metabolism. No pictures because by the time I picked up my phone we were already out of the state. Pennsylvania ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Went by fast as well. I was able to get my phone out just in time to take pictures of the transition to New Jersey.

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New Jersey ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The state of traffic New York ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The state of traffic 2.0 It was either in this state or New Jersey that a random guy passed us and looked at my mom like he wanted to kill her because she had to go into there lane. And some nice views

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Connecticut ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This state was longer than anticipated. We thought it would be easy and quick but it ended up becoming... State of traffic 3.0 Massachusetts ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well my phone was at like 20 percent and there was like 2 and a half hours left so I thought, why not put my phone on power saving mode and watch 2 and a half episodes of "The Umbrella Academy" that's what I did and it was worth it. New Hampshire ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More Umbrella Academy and memories. After we got settled in the hotel my dad took my on a drive to get pizza and we were able to catch up on things which was nice. He then took me to Manchester, the small city I was raised in. He showed me how bad the homeless situation is. There is tents everywhere literally. I feel bad for them but knowing most of them are heroin addicts I dont feel so bad. Well that's the story. We are in the hotel now. We will be going to the house on November 13th. 🖤love you all🖤 #SpreadtheLove #FullHomoGang

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