HAD3S DC LV.30 Sharpshooter
Oct 22, 2020, 04:20 PM 20 read

For all those who say removing Off Topic will do nothing and that people will post garb elsewhere...

They may post their garbage in Entertainment or Moot lounge or IRL lounge. But there are a lot of posts that won't be allowed in Irl lounge so those WILL be removed if they aren't irl. Tbh the only thing the irl would allow that is bad is people posting selfies and asking for ratings but I doubt they will be willing to post that over and over again... As for Entertainment... If the post doesn't adhere to a board on it, it will have to be removed. No questions asked. It will. Because the Entertainment lounge SHOULD be moderated in the way that "If it's not meant to be on that board, delete it" Also Moot board is literally only questions and suggestions so there is no way they will be able to post any stuff they want there. And by the sounds of it... Yes the mods will have to works overtime. But I promise as long as the lounges are moderated properly, and frequently purged of incorrectly posted posts, then the garb posters will get frustrated from their dozens of garbage, misplaced, and 0-effort posts being removed, and they will either leave or change their ways to make actual content, or just become another commenter. As long as the lounges are policed somewhat thoroughly... For the first month or two, then the garbage posts just won't be possible anymore... And so they will have to change their ways and then mods won't have to do as much work. Witch hunt post numbers will go down due to nowhere to legally post. Asking for tips, likes, comments, etc. posts will be removed due to nowhere to be placed. Oh btw... I think people are gonna want a rant board on the Entertainment lounge. I think we'd love a rant board. But that board will have to be watched closely I feel it may be difficult to police or control. Also you ppl made Yeti delete his acc and that's a Nono moment. Not ok. Not kewl. Another mooter I respected being disrespected by the community... And this is why this change needs to happen. Because the community will get less toxic... And we can come together. This is our chance. It will work. Even if people did just post their garb elsewhere. Due to the posts all being removed due to not being posted where they are allowed to, they will have no choice but to change what they are doing. I mean come on. You can't say I'm wrong with that one. If dozens of your posts get removed soon after posting because you aren't posting the right shit in the right place then you will have no choice but to start posting the right shit in the right place. And due to lounge policing they would actually be good.

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  • The_Real_llama LV.23 Epic Oct 22, 2020, 04:31 PM

    I agree tbh. removing the off topic area is pretty much the end of my account (not that it really matters but that's beside the point) and for the people that just kinda like to shitpost and ask unrelated questions. this is the main place I go when I'm bored and see how much memes I can find.

    one thing about the toxicity (excuse me if I may have read it wrong). it won't just go away in a snap once the moderation levels are bumped up... I mean there are several bypasses to moderation, being dms, borderline posts, and maybe more. take a server on discord that I'm.in for example. since I joined it (about a month ago) there have been 4-5 raid groups and about 10 other smaller groups/3 to 4 people group raiders. now you may be asking "how the fuck does this relate to the toxicity dumbass?" well it doesn't directly but it clears up my point. TL;DR (to this paragraph only): bumping up the moderation will still do pretty much nothing about more people joining just to shit on moot.

    the ranting thing in entertainment I also agree on. it would be a great place to let feeling out and maybe even get some help. there should also be a venting one too for people who are dealing with tough things too tho imo. both of those will still.be heavily moderated because of shitposters, fakers, and much more I could assume.

  • HAD3S DC LV.30 Sharpshooter Oct 22, 2020, 04:36 PM

    But the people who join to shit on Moot would exist anytime. Since they aren't part of Moot's community regardless of whether we do this change or not. That's just them. And we have to encourage them not to.

    But DMs can be easily sorted by like... blocking people. and borderline posts can't really exist on the Entertainment lounge. Misplaced posts: removed
    Memes which include witch hunts or shaming another mooter: Removed.
    Any rant post on a newly made rant board that mentions other people mailiciously?

    There isn't really a borderline with a lounge with dedicated boards and tighter policing...
    Unlike Off Topic where some of the rules for the entirety of Moot can be broken because it is "Off Topic". Like bruh. get me a lounge with a dozen dedicated policed boards and we can solve most of the shit that goes on...

  • The_Real_llama LV.23 Epic Oct 22, 2020, 04:41 PM

    you make several good points. I can say no more

  • HAD3S DC LV.30 Sharpshooter Oct 22, 2020, 04:42 PM

    Gg wp