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Post 7: Sorry

I've probably neglected Moot the last few days because of real life and all. So, this will be a short post to note down a couple of things. Starting off with one. I have gone to see my friends because to avoid creating internal anxiety for social interaction I need this. Two, a recent game called Genshin Impact has been released. At first I wasn't going to play it, however, my friends tried it out and as I was observing their gameplay, I immediately fell in love with it. So, I grew pretty pumped and downloaded the game. I'm not going to ramble about it of course. Three, I've been out of sorts. Distress, heat from summer and demotivated. Not demotivated to do stuff, but like demotivated to chase anything dream-wise. Essentially, due to these three factors, Moot, Guardian Tales (a game I still play) and other stuff have been more or less neglected. I do apologize to those who read my posts and will make amends in a day or so.

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    so funny!

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