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Sep 30, 2020, 08:44 PM 50 read

Post 6: A Few Months

As you all are aware, the days and nights of 2020 are slowly flipping a new door to 2021. In these last few months I wish for all who suffer, suffered or died to be able to rest easier next year by mourning the lost, remembering the slim happiness and joy you attained and to rest in the worlds avove. 2020 so far has been like a nightmare for many and some have even had their souls burnt from painful memories. For those who have experienced this hell, I truly and by all means wish for a great 2021 next year. In this year, we have also witnessed scum that have gone as far as to try and kill others or to break the rules because they don't believe that this pandemic is real. My curses are spent on them for wasting time over a small accessory such as a mask that can impact many around them. As someone who has been reading updates day and day, I am in a mix of anger, worry and happiness. Anger for the smooth fools who made no enforcement on regulations. Worry for those who are currently suffering and happiness for those who survived the virus. This post is to spread a message even if it's small, I just want to say, good luck in the next few months before the door to 2021 opens to a whole year of mystery.

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