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May I have the mic

So since i’ve been on moot for a good bit i’ve seen many people and their post format (formats? Idk) and right now it seems some peoples is just shouting out people for no reason? Like I understand if your shouting out someone to get them to a goal or whatever but shouting out someone for the sake of shouting out someone seems kinda pointless no? I’d rather have a point to shoutout out someone then just doing it to make myself look nice or because they asked. This could just be me so i’d like to hear your opinions on it. Be as descriptive as you like, tear me to shreds if you think i’m retarded for thinking this way. Just any feedback at all is helpful

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  • Just Nathan Founder Sep 17, 2020, 06:11 AM

    hmmm... I tend to not shout out people randomly because it's pointless and I won't get them many followers... I make sure my reasons are good...

  • Privatebutter65 verified LV.32 Dub Collector Sep 17, 2020, 06:12 AM

    You are good for doing this

  • sTil_Spyder LV.17 Bamboozled Sep 17, 2020, 12:59 PM

    For one I don’t think you’re retarded for thinking that I get what saying. I agree with you to an extent cause people just want to grow their accounts which is fine but Moot is kind of just (what feels like) a few people at this point even it’s not, but people are just trying to make themselves popular in some sort of way. But take this from a kid that wanted to be popular and then suddenly was popular for no damn reason in their school. So as a kid people think it’s “cool” to be popular but it really wasn’t it just constant annoyance cause I was essentially a celebrity in Grade 7 but in Grade 8 it cooled down cause snitched on some kids cause they kept on saying “wIlL yOu MaRrY mE¿” which was f***ing annoying as all hell cause it was constant 24/7 constant, and I was so f***ing generous to the point that I said I would snitch on them about 10 damn times, so yeah I’m a pretty generous and forgiving person, but one day I had enough and just threw a f***ing fit for a damn good reason and thankfully it stopped afterwards and plus my grade 4 teacher knew me and was the assistant principal at the time and helped me out cause he knew I was a good kid, and I’m in Grade 9 now which thankfully I’m not popular anymore, but everyone knew me even though I didn’t know them it was just flat out kind of creepy but it was still an odd feeling when being popular, and it just overall sucked a$$. But the reason why I was popular was cause 2 a$$h*les made me popular after I declined their invitation into their a$$hat friend group cause my friends aren’t a$$h*les and I didn’t want to be an a$$h*le so yeah I declined and this friend group was like 30 kids or so kids big and I have like what 4-5 friends? But those 4 or friends are the only friends I need or want cause they are actual human beings that don’t make people’s lives a living hell for no damn reason. Sorry for making that really personal it just annoyed me so damn much cause I had suicidal thoughts at the time so that didn’t help it at all, but thankfully I don’t have suicidal thought anymore so don’t worry about me. So yeah I don’t really understand the point of wanting to be popular at all cause I don’t think people know that you will get a lot of toxic people in your community cause the bigger it is the more there are. I am sorry for making this really personal I needed to get that off my chest. But either way have a great day

  • sTil_Spyder LV.17 Bamboozled Sep 17, 2020, 01:34 PM

    Sorry for an odd and unrelated comment, but is it just me or is everyone that makes posts in Off Topic verified? Also how the heck do you get verified on Moot? I’m just curious and confused

  • hotrodtanner LV.19 Wolf Sep 19, 2020, 06:56 AM