Cow Boy Billy LV.30 Billy
Sep 4, 2020, 11:02 PM 158 read

I'm going to push for change

What do I mean you may ask? Well when I was being questioned for the mod role they asked me what lounge I wanted to moderate. I said off topic because I know how screwed over this lounge is. They took a bit to respond so I found it in myself to find a post that goes against the content policy. One of these posts was a post that John talked about. It was a post with a question as the title and nothing else. So I looked at the content policy and it stated, "Spam Content (ex: blank posts, excessively posting or commenting, spamming LFG with non-LFG content, irrelevant to game Lounge)", now you would think that it falls under this and it should be deleted, right? Well the admin replied back saying that "because of the nature of off topic, it is instinctively spammy, so that doesnt go against the content policy", when I say this aggravated me, it aggravated me. I was fuming, I was considering not becoming a mod because I realized that moot is literally unfixable. Now what I really want to say in this post is, the problem isn't the people, the problem is the content policy. So today I'm going to push for a change in the content policy so now we will see better content, we will in turn see better mooters and a better community over all. For those of you that haven't seen this amazingly written post then please take time out of your day to read it, such a great read 🖤love you all🖤 #SpreadtheLove #FullHomoGang

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  • HAD3S DC LV.31 Legend Sep 4, 2020, 11:04 PM

    for moot bro 🤜

  • Cow Boy Billy LV.30 Billy Sep 4, 2020, 11:05 PM

    Yes sir