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Xbox users VS Playstation Users: Guess What!!

Hey guys,   I just find a very interesting article saying that Xbox users are more [???: guess it] in all four categories than those who play Playstation. Unfortunately, it doesn't dig deep in enough about the WHY of this result which everyone should be curious if he/she ever has played console games before.   Furthermore, it seems like Call of Duty, Battlefield, and FIFA gamers are also relatively most [???: guess it] among game users. Honestly speaking, I think this makes total sense considering how [???: guess it] the comments in sports articles usually appear.   Well, if there is a takeaway at the end of the day, would it mean that it is better to play games like Fall guys and Animal Crossing? But I think each game has its own pros and cons: there are articles suggesting that some FPS games increase players spatial perception ability.   Please share your thoughts. I'm curious~!  

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