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Beyond! • Could Fall Guys Be The Next Rocket League?

#PlayStationBeyond Episode 659 || July 29th 2020 🎮 “This week on IGN's PlayStation show, Max Scoville, Brian Altano, and Tom Marks discuss August's PlayStation Plus games, which include the brand new Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a slapstick take on battle royale that's already cleaning up on Twitch. The last totally unconventional multiplayer game to launch on PS+ was Rocket League. Meanwhile, a Doritos bag seemingly leaked the new Call of Duty logo, Hideo Kojima is NOT working on a horror game with Junji Ito (yet), Ghost of Tsushima gets a patch that makes the game more accessible but also more difficult, and Ubisoft was briefly working on a King Arthur-inspired game called "Avalon." If you have any complaints about this week's episode, please direct them to Jonathon when he's back from vacation.” Link: https://youtu.be/zA7o9iJ3eY0

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