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Jul 17, 2020, 05:35 AM 35 read

Ep 1 Apex Legends RRR

Hello everyone welcome to RRR the post that reveiws games porly im you host Ryan and to lazy to change lounges todays game is apex Legends the game you can stick yourself with drugs 4 million times and feel nothing. Apex can rhyme with gaypex laytex or just sex anyway apex is a battle royal (Dumbass) been around for a year is it better than fortnut or is it down in the dumps like halo? Lets find out, apex is not bad its like a titanfall boarderlands BR looks pretty nice. All legends suck sure one can dissappar and make portals but whateverrr here are all the legends wraith... Thats all you need to know if u wanna win 'what? UGH FINE' theres also bloodhound pathfinder life line lube "Octrain" and more this game will make you rage like fortnite took away building away and warzone proboms come in... And its EA... This is a short one but apex will get the RRR badge sorry it was short but you guys pick my next game Fortnite or cock o dooty seeya Ryan out 4 Ryan's Rusty Review (this is suppost to look bad its how it works dont complain karen)

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  • Karma, LV.19 Switch Jul 17, 2020, 05:37 AM

    Apex legends = shit half assed game with garbage community