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Jul 13, 2020, 01:02 AM 105 read

Thoughts#4 To all the lovers out there🥺✨

You know what your problem is? You get attached,⁠ fast. And once you're attached to someone, you do⁠ everything you can to please them and make them⁠ happy. It's never been about what you want, it's⁠ always everyone's needs before your own. You give⁠ out too many chances to people, who quite frankly,⁠ do not deserve them. They take advantage of you,⁠ and you become a pushover. But you're okay with⁠ that, because they're in your life and that's all you⁠ ever really wanted. And even if they screw you over,⁠ you'll still be there for them. Because that's you, that⁠ who you are. Once you get attached to someone, they⁠ capture your heart and they always have a place there.⁠ And that is why it's so hard for you to let him go. For those of us who have been single longer than two of their relationships combined, we can’t help but wonder how someone can possibly be “in love” with all these people. I mean, come on. It’s not love. It’s fear of being alone. Right? They say the closest feeling to love is hate, hence why after you break up with someone, all that beautiful, selfless love turns into raging, passionate, inexplicable hate. When you’re just attached to someone, however, you never really get that rage. You get paranoia, anxiety and moments of irritation, but you don’t let those anxious feelings confuse you for something as beautiful and important as real hat.

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