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The ArcticBravo Game Awards (2019)

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⚠ These awards are based entirely on my opinion and experience playing the games on this list ⚠   It only took me six months but it's finally here. Welcome all to the second annual (*cough*) ArcticBravo game awards, where I share my top pick for each category while adding my own questionable humor. Let's get into it...   ... but first, here are 3 honorable mentions - games that I enjoyed, but were bested by another game in that category.   Control Control is a game that should be played to be fully appreciated; my words won’t do it justice. Brilliant visuals and high adrenaline gameplay give this sci-fi adventure an honorable mention.   Outer Wilds Another action-adventure game that deserves more credit; Outer Wilds. Not to be confused with the Outer WORLDS, this game revolves around repeating the same 22 minute “groundhog day” style loop to gather information about your surroundings, and to figure out how you got there. It’s a unique experience well worth your time.   Metro Exodus I’ve always loved the Metro series and its wasteland style; so when Exodus was released, I pounced right on it. With stunning visuals and a story to remember, don’t skip out on it; especially if you’ve already experienced 2033 and Last Light.   NOW FOR THE AWARDS   BEST BATTLE ROYALE Apex Legends Not many BR games released last year, but Apex is definitely the stand out of the small group. A game heavily reliant on teamwork though picking legends, and high energy; this is definitely the definitive battle royale experience.   BEST FPS GAME Apex Legends Apex gets another! Let’s be honest, not many critically acclaimed FPS games were released last year, but this definitely pips COD: Modern Warfare to the post.   BEST PLATFORMER My Friend Pedro One of my more surprising picks, My Friend Pedro is insane; like the protagonist. Fluid slow motion action combined with light platforming and dry humor, all while your character obeys the voice of a talking banana. Yes, a talking banana. Who tells you to shoot people. Now do you see why I called the protagonist insane?   BEST PUZZLE GAME Untitled Goose Game By far one of the biggest trends of 2019, this puzzle game doesn’t disappoint. Dubbed by me as “Metal Gear Honk”, you play as an innocent looking goose who must manipulate objects and NPCs in order to complete wacky tasks. The only difference is, most of them are stealth based. War really has changed… against the humans.   BEST HORROR [NEW CATEGORY] Resident Evil 2 Remake The Resident Evil 2 Remake was a no-brainer for the horror category. The game itself disguises itself as a simple zombie survival game, but really, it’s a gruesome mental challenge filled with jumpscares and unique bosses. Completing puzzles to unlock secrets and new areas and conserving ammo so you don’t die multiple times in one playthrough (cough, cough) makes this one hell of a remaster.   BEST RPG The Outer Worlds Ah, my favourite genre of game. RPGs always have a place in my heart, especially when they’re made by Obsidian, creators of Fallout: New Vegas. Although short, this was my go to game last year. Set in the future, you play as a colonist formerly housed on a spaceship, who is tasked with saving your fellow shipmates in cryostasis. I’ll talk more about this game later...   BEST RACING/SPORTS GAME F1 2019 I’m bored of putting Fifa here, so, fuck it; here’s F1 2019. F1 2019 is a game that any F1 fan should have. What can I say, it’s F1, but you control the car. A fun career mode coupled with improved graphics gives this the edge over Fifa, an appalling cash grab of a game with no real improvements from the last release.   BEST STORYLINE Disco Elysium An overlooked game by many, Disco Elysium has a rich storyline with multiple dialogue trees, and a 24 skill system. What’s unique about this game? No killing is needed. Yes, you heard me right young children, a game with no killing. Gape in awe, as a game like this is indeed possible to be good.   MOST IMPROVED Monster Hunter World (with Iceborne) I wouldn’t normally give this award to a game that uses paid DLC to improve, but Iceborne may as well be a whole new game. Adding hours of additional content to an already amazing game justifies giving this the MOST IMPROVED award.   BEST MULTIPLAYER [NEW CATEGORY] The Division 2 This is a good multiplayer game. Improving in almost every way from the first instalment, this team based loot-shooter deserves high praise for its AI work and team based gameplay, although it does lack in the story department… and Warlords of New York was underwhelming. Can’t believe I paid £25 for a 6 hour DLC...   BEST ACTION/ADVENTURE [NEW CATEGORY] Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice My second choice game for game of the year, Sekiro is another masterclass by FromSoftware. Like other games made by the Japanese developer, it has a high level of difficulty, making it ever the more satisfying when you beat a boss. A beautiful setting and fluid gameplay make this a game to add to your list. While phenomenal, this game could be better. In the definitely not made up words of Rue, it could have been Bloodborne 2 (hi Rue).   BEST COUCH CO-OP Crash Team Racing Remastered It’s a racing game that you can play with your family. Easy. Similarly to Mario Kart, Crash Team Racing is adrenaline fuelled fun, especially when you beat your family multiple times in one sitting.   BEST VR [NEW CATEGORY] Beat Saber Easiest pick out of all of these. It’s a simple rhythm game that tasks you with hitting blocks to the beat of a song. That’s it. It also gives you one hell of a workout...   BEST OPEN WORLD [REPLACING BEST SANDBOX] Rage 2 Rage 2 wasn’t given much praise at launch, nor did it sell well. However, I liked it. It brings together the combat system from Doom 2016, and the wasteland elements of Mad Max. What’s not to like? Good job id and Avalanche.   BEST STRATEGY [NEW CATEGORY] Anno 1800 Like a few of the other categories here, there wasn’t much competition. Anno 1800 is a retro city-builder which improves upon previous instalments with its complex gameplay and beautiful current-gen graphics.   THE FALLOUT 76 “BIGGEST SHITPILE” AWARD Anthem What happened here then? Anthem was tipped to be the new Destiny, the definitive loot-shooter; but instead we got a contentless buggy live service with no signs of improvement. Bioware essentially gave up on this game within weeks, which isn’t great for a LIVE SERVICE GAME.   GAME OF THE YEAR The Outer Worlds For real, I love this game; I’ve beaten it multiple times. The setting, the characters, the depth; it’s brilliant. Like I said earlier, it could have been longer, but that’s fine. It’s a unique RPG experience that drags you into the Halcyon solar system. It’s available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. Please give it a go if you haven’t already.   If you disagree with any of these, I'd love to see your own opinion! Comment down below or make your own game of the year post!   View the last instalment here!

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  • ♡ egirl Kayla ♡ verified LV.31 Try Hard Jun 9, 2020, 10:09 PM

    if i had VR i would defiantly try beat saber. it looks so fun!

  • Just Nathan Founder Jun 10, 2020, 12:36 AM

    Hmmm.... Goose you say???

  • ArcticBravo verified LV.28 Mod Jun 11, 2020, 10:49 PM

  • ErikPlays43 LV.29 Happy 2020! Jun 10, 2020, 07:19 AM

    VR, ayy? Beat Saber was deff the best

  • ArcticBravo verified LV.28 Mod Jun 11, 2020, 10:47 PM

    Yeah, there wasn't much competition...