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Nov 12, 2018, 02:06 PM 82 read

I've played Déraciné for an hour

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  The soundtracks and graphics are really Bloodborne-like. They were impressive at first, but because the features are familiar, it can be a little underwhelming for players like me who have been playing FromSoftware games for many years.   As always, the story itself isn't really intuitive, for the game only tells you what you are and what you can do with certain items. However, do note again that I've only played the game for an hour. There might have been more to tell if I progressed further into it.   The overall length of the game doesn't seem to be long at all. With only less than an hour, I've managed to get 30-ish percent of total trophies. Judging from such experience, I expect the full game to be under 5 hours long.   The controls seemed to be a little funky for the first few minutes, but I eventually got used to it. VR device, however, can leave you with nausea if you're not used to playing vr games. The game can be tricky if you're not a good observer but is overall an easy game.   All in all, I don't think the game's polished enough, but the low price makes up for its lack of completeness. If you are a fan of FromSoftware games especially the storytelling from Bloodborne and Souls series, I'd say it's worth the price. If you're not, however, do not expect more than a typical VR game in the market. The game's short and not as entertaining as other games from the company. However, do not heed my words if you think a person can't judge a game just by playing only an hour of it.

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