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Anime review #5 JOJO's Bizarre adventure

(Sorry I haven't posted one of these for a while!) Well this was a very requested anime, my friends hold it in high regard! So it must be amazing right? Let's start with the animation style, from what I've seen this is definitely one of if not the most unique style I've seen! At first I wasn't sure if I would like it but it grew on me, it for some reason fits perfectly with everything and kind of brings it all together! Next is the story, I actually like it, refreshing in a way. I dont really want to say much about it as I believe everyone should go and watch it to get your own opinion on it! And lastly is the characters, they are pretty damn great! Not to much to say besides they are lovable, well most of them, looking at you Dio... Anyways my personal score (god I'm gonna get hate for this) is a 7/10 Now trust me it's a good anime, it's just not for me, though I highly recommend watching it if you haven't! Anyways until next time!❤

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    hmmm... 8.5 or a 9... I kinda understand the 7...

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    the world

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