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Feb 28, 2020, 07:41 AM 64 read

Storytelling with wolf #1 unusual kid

So today schedules was mixed up im in 6th grade I was 6-3 and next to my class was another class and next to my class (again) was 6-4 me and the 6-4 homeroom had to stay in one class ELA class which was before the last period which was flex before the day ends So i sat next to my friend onyx he is a unusual person i could say he argued with a person in my class named zyana (that’s probably not how its spelled) by calling her a turkey heres the thing behind me was a friend name joshua ill get to him later. Onyx called zyana a turkey heres the thing i told him don’t say that it was racist because zyana was african american and a turkey was brown and I didn’t like he was calling people names and behind me onyx called joshua a elephant because of his weight. I told onyx don’t say that it’s offensive so he apologized. Later in the day it was flex 6-4 and my class were gritting loud and people who would talk would get detention i played with onyx on the same chromebook and he talked quietly and if you guessed he got detention you were right. Thank god I didn’t get detention i told him to calm down and not talk to avoid him getting attention but my advice was not taken THE END I hope you liked this first story more stories coming soon

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